Will the owner of this bag please stand up!!

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  1. I replied to your post in the other thread, but if I remember correctly, her TPF name is veronika. She was visiting Hawaii then, that's why I remember the thread (I was still living in HI then). I think she also posts in the LV forum. HTH. :p
  2. hmm, i remember those pics but i dont remember who that was...
    a l'amore corriere tho! that's almost as rare as the trenino! I remember the first time i saw a paradiso corriere in the outlet was like, OMG they DO exist!

    and i saw a l'amore braccialetto on eBay that wasn't too badly priced, u should pick it up to finish off ur collection!
    (they have a mamma mia up too but she wants WAAAAAAAAAY too much money for it! i wanted a l'amore ciao & its like, $199 or best offer... HA!)
  3. Yeahh that is that Veronika girl ( i think thats the right name too, kara)...i wonder what happened to her?
  4. Yeps! that is Veronika~ that was her first tokidoki bag and it loooks wonderful! the corriere is really growing on me!
  5. I am sooooo jealous. That is one of my most coveted bags, which I'm sure I will never find!
  6. Thanks for the info everyone, wonder is she'll come back here. I am so dying to see more pictures. That is the first time I ever lay my eyes on a L'Amore Corriere. Never thought I would though since it's so hard to find.

    Wondering if any eBay sellers are lurking around this thread .... Muahahahah!
  7. oh wow.. i didn't realize the corriere to be that big. I just thought it was a little bigger than a canguro. hmmm.. may have to reconsider my choice of bags...
  8. i've only ever seen someone or a pic of someone wearing one of these twice in my life. i never really liked it, since in the stores it just looks like a giant fanny pack, LOL. i'll hafta take another look, i guess, it really looks cute in that picture of her.
  9. wow, its my first time seeing it too. It looks amazing. Do you guys think we are able to contact lesportsac and have them tell us which retailer has the style? I know every retailer orders different styles, so I would really like to know which store has it.