Will the outlets be handing out 20% coupons on Thurs. 2/11?

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  1. I can't print that one that someone listed below...just wondering if anyone knows if they will be handing them out at the door.

    My guess is -yes- because it is right before valentine's day.

    If anyone knows, please reply.

  2. From my experience, every time there is an email, they also hand out coupons.
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    Usually but not always, it's best to call and ask before making the trip to the outlet. If they are not handing them out, you could try telling them that you had a problem printing the email coupon and they might give you the discount anyway.

    Recently, I printed out an email coupon and went to the outlet. It was a weekday and the coupon had only been in effect for a couple of days. They were NOT handing out coupons and there was no mention of a special sale or a coupon. I watched people checking out and no one was using a coupon. I actually got mine out of my purse to check the dates to make sure I hadn't misread it!

    I asked a SA the final price on a bag and she gave me the 30% marked down price; so I said "and I'll get an extra 20% off of that with the coupon, right?" and she said "Oh, you have a coupon? Yes, then you will get an extra 20% off."

    I didn't buy anything but when I went back on Saturday they were handing them out at the door.

    Last Sunday when I was at the outlet a SA told me that their corporate office monitors sales volumes and "if it looks like it's going to be a slow week" they instruct the outlets to start handing out 10% or 20% coupons. If it looks like sales are going to be good they do not give permission to hand out coupons.

    So they may wait a couple of days after the new coupon goes into effect before deciding whether or not to hand out coupons at the door - but hopefully they will start giving them out the first day!
  4. good to know.
  5. Thanks for everyone who found & posted the coupon. I appreciate it! :tup:

    FYI: It easily printed in IE, even though it wouldn't print in Firefox.
  6. Pleasant Prairie's handing out 20% coupons at the door!! I was just there tonight because I received a 20% coupon via email.
  7. Johnson's Creek in WI told me on the phone today that they'll be handing out the coupons at the door.
  8. Yes. Got one today when I ventured out. :smile: