Will the Oak leopard OS alexa still be available in Mar/Apr????

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  1. Will the Oak leopard OS alexa still be available in store in Mar/Apr????

    What do you girls think???? I waited for all these time to see the OS ink first then will decide. But after I've seen some of the reviews here. I think it might be too plain for me.

    Arggh, I don't knowww what should I buy anymore (ink or leopard)!!!??? Can't really decide since the ink is not in the store.

    So, I plan to go back to London in March or April, but don't know if by that time, the leopard will all be sold out already or not (b/c it came in since Jan).
  2. I can't advise on stock availability, but would say what do you want from the bag? If you want to wear it every day then the ink is more likely to go with most of your clothes (it is a fairly subdued blue, kind of moving towards navy). However if you are after something with more 'oomph' the the OL is probably more of a stand out piece. The trade off though is that it can't be matched with everything (patterned clothes etc) so occassions to wear it may be more limited.
  3. wasnt the OL alexas limited edition or something? i may be totally wrong!
  4. just realize that the miss call in my phone this afternoon was from Mulberry!!!!!

    OMG!!! have to get to the store first thing tmr!!!
  5. biwsuke, is the Alexa going to be instead of the PS1 on your wishlist? The PS1 is a seriously gorgeous bag :smile:
  6. I have to say I am loving my OS leopard....I have put all my Hermes away and am editing my bags as I think this bag is fab,,Light weight ,fun and goes with every thing...
  7. Yes, tireebabe, it's kinda have to be that way for me.

    The PS1 bag is way more expensive than the Alexa, right?? (I'm not really sure about this, but I heard it that way, do you know the price of PS1 by any chance??)

    I think it's b/c I have waited for this bag for sooooo long and now I'm starting to get tempted by other bags!!!! (and I only have a budget for only one)

    I don't know anything anymore! I lost all my senses, I guess.
  8. I think the PS1 is atleast £1200
  9. yeah, that's the reason T_T