Will The New Trunks Collection Give The Gauffres A Run For Its Money?

  1. Im in LOVE...yes...AGAIN.LOL!
    Prada is launching its fall bags.they have a huge hit on their hands.I swear to that.I know..I spend WAY too much on their bags...heehee.
    There is a new collection..it has a luggage tag with a gold design on it.THAT IS THE NEWEST AND HOTTEST TRUNK COLLECTION.MANY variations are in for it.I have a couple of pics for u to see.ENJOY..and mark my words.These bags are TDF!(Im picking mine up maybe tomorrow at Saks..if I have time!LOL!)


  2. Here is one available at the PRADA Broadway Store in NY(Great SA there named Sonia)[​IMG]
  3. and this little guy may be here tomorrow from Saks...HEEHEE..If I get out there ....I ordered it from DJO..ISNT IT TOO CUTE!AND..HOLD YER BREATH..THIS one is only just over 1500....WHAT??????????????????
    A Prada bag UNDER 2000.oo dollars.SHOCKER...someone fan me..I feel faint...ROFLMAO!
  4. Wow! Beautiful! Finally, a nice looking luggage tag, too! YAY! But I can't really see the design on the tag...

    All three bags are beauties. The first one looks like melting chocolate -- yum! Love the middle one too. I think the last one is my favorite.

    Jill, thanks for the great pics -- can't wait to see YOURS!! :p
  5. Beautiful - can't wait to see the whole fall line!! :nuts: Does the third one come with a shoulder strap? Thank you so much for sharing pics!
  6. Bad Jill! I love the 3rd one - more details please! Colors? Modeling pic (if you get yours today)?

    You are such a bad (:tup:) influence on me! Thanks!

  7. mu ha ha haha!!!!!!
    Yes..the third one has a shoulder strap.Im prob gonna pick it up today...a tad under the weather..so I hope Ill get to go today!
  8. Woo-hoo! I'm addicted to the shoulder strap! Congrats! :happydance:
  9. OMG I LOVE that one!!! Post pics when you get it!!!
  10. This one is my fave!!

    I saw this same bag in black and white at Prada not too long ago and I didn't go crazy -- however... these colors are much more appealing to me since I love *browns* - I color-corrected the pic since the image had low-lighting throwing off the true color of the bag... there's a thumbnail attached - I think it is cream and brown... how lovely if it's true! :tender:I'll be in trouble then!

    Jill... do you know how much this one is???????

  11. I just found this image in my "handbags" file... I don't know where I picked it up so you may have seen it already - but I thought it was worth posting... think it's another new fall bag w/the gradation treatment.

    By the way ladies... does this mean the last of the gauffres have been made??? Does anyone know if they will be making the gauffre style for Fall???
  12. ^ I love that bag - looks like its a trunk show pic. It must be fall because it matches the shoes that have just come out! :heart:
  13. Just found one more!!! And I'm kinda loving this one!! Wonder when we'll get to see this one in person?!
  14. For Emmy!
    blackprada1.jpg blackprada11.jpg
  15. ^You're the bomb Dana!!! Thanx!!!:tup: