Will the monogram LV bags switch to silver hardware too?

  1. I've already seen the epi bags with the new silver hardware, but I'm wondering if they are also switching the mono line.

    I hope this doesn't sound incredibly shallow but I'm a little pissed about the change, first because I prefer gold hardware on the mono line and secondly a year or two from now when the silvers are everywhere it'll make the gold hardware version look like fakes, like when you see a bag that's fake and has one detail missing like a different color trim than the real one.
  2. oh no...I would hate to see that, I like my mono the way it is... and I don't think silver color will go with mono, right? :weird: :Push:
  3. I really don't see that happening..
  4. Yeah me neither, the epi looks nice with silver though.
  5. Yes, I love the epi with the silver. I think it looks so modern. Thinking of getting a Myrtille Epi Speedy real soon:biggrin:
  6. The denim line would look kinda cool with silver hardware
  7. Yes, that color looks great with silver.:love: I'm thinking that any Speedy I buy will be an Epi because I want to avoid the sag.:amuse:
  8. I think silver with the Monogram would be awesome!
  9. Personally, I prefer silver hardware on my bags but when buying my LV, I face the fact that the monogram will have gold. It's been such a staple for LV for so many years, I just don't see them changing it. It would be a good sales tool though. Everyone would run out & buy new wallets & accessories to go with their new "silver" monogram bags. I would buy one if they came out with silver hardware;)
  10. My SA says all the bags are being changed over to the silver incl mono, but I'm hoping she's wrong, they already have the epi line with silver hardware at several LV boutiques.
  11. Like all companies they will do as they please.FWIW, I think changing the hardware on the mono line would be a big mistake.I love the mono line but if they go with silver hardware they'll have one less customer,:sad: .
  12. Wow, she actually told you that?! I would have never though LV would do that. It will be interesting. I'm keeping an open mind. Did she say when they would start changing the hardware? Need to stock up on the Mono "gold" before/if they go away!
  13. oh no this is not good...

    i agree with totoau - i don't think silver hardware goes with mono.
  14. i hope they don't switch.....i love silver hardware and im' relaly not a fan of gold but i think with the monogram and damier pieces which are brown-ish the gold definitely goes better.......plus i'd hate to buy a new bag and have it be outdated within a matter of months :Push:
  15. i don't think they'll switch over to gold with the mono line. its classic, and gold compliments brown so much better than silver. that's basic color thoery. =)