Will the Miu Miu Coffer be coming out in white?

  1. Right now on eBay someone has listed a white (photos make it look more like beige or lt. gray) Coffer for bidding, saying it will be coming to the U.S. soon? Does anyone know if it's made in colors other than the black, brown, or brown suede? I kind of like it, but I always wonder when something is supposedly so rare. TIA
  2. HMMM..I dunno..Maybe D & G ROCKSTAR would know...she is pretty good with these bags.
  3. hey, boxermom i think i saw a pic of sienna miller with a white coffer a while back. if i recall, i think the white is a europe thing only - i think in the states so far it's been the brown suede, black and brown smooth leathers..

    eta: turns out i saw it in the celebrities w/ their prada/miumiu bags, post #19. i tried adding the link, but couldn't figure out how to do it, sorry! kinda computer illiterate!

  4. drel, you are talking to the ultimate low-tech, computer illiterate person. I'll check it out. I appreciate the information.
  5. Hi there!

    The Miu Miu Coffer bag already CAME in white :yes:

    Sienna Miller own one. I have a picture of it:


  6. I saw the white Coffer for sale at Miu Miu/Selfridges in London last week. Very nice!
  7. Yes des exist! And (fingers crossed) mine will be here on Monday!
  8. is it the lambskin or suede that the white coffer comes in?
  9. ^the one I saw was lambskin.
  10. monamoore.com has it in white too....

  11. ^It's just so precious in white!! :girlsigh:
  12. Yup, its lambskin- sooooo soft!

    I saw the mini coffer today (selfridges hhas everything!)and I WANT IT BAAAADDD!
  13. It looks so different and angelic in white!
    But I m really scared of white bags, they can get stained so easily
  14. It's gorgeous in white--I haven't seen any IRL in the stores yet.

    LondonBrat, do you have yours yet? I'd love to see a photo--for me, it helps more to see a real person holding a bag, than the designer's photo. Thanks, ladies.
  15. I should be getting it on Thurs! Fingers crossed.