Will the Mini Pochette Accessories hold....

  1. My coach mini skinny, my cell phone, my keys, and a mini lip gloss...

    or am I better off w/a regular PA.?
  2. To be honest, i prefer the regular anyways..its far more practical.
  3. I have the T&B mini, and it holds my cell, lip gloss, DL, CC, cash and still have room in it.
  4. it should fit everything you listed just fine! i love mine!
  5. I use mine as a camera bag! I LOVE it!! It's so cute!!
  6. I have the mini T&B pochette and I love it. It would def hold all your stuff.
    It holds my LG shine phone, cles with keys, and cles has money and cards in and it holds lipgloss, eye liner and a lighter!
  7. go for the regular it will have more uses
  8. I prefer the regular one. Mini is too small imo.
  9. I'd go for the regular anyway in case you need more room for something else.
  10. It will hold the things you listed just fine, but in case you want to go for a bigger one you might be better off with the regular pochette...
  11. id go for the regular...way more uses!
  12. Regular pochette is perfect, not to small and not to big. If you can go try them on.
  13. For $30 more I'd get the regular Pochette........ (right? $255 vs. $285)

    but I love the T&B stamp~ you are kinda stuck .... ahh-go for the regular pochette---more uses b/c it's larger.