Will the Metallic reissues be like last years bordeux and grey?

  1. So I've pased on all the metallic's dark and light silver and black. Of course I am thinking to myself my ideal reissue bag color would be the grey or bordeux. (Haha..I know keep dreaming)

    But..now I am wondering, do you think this years metallic's will be like the grey/bordeux? Will I be kicking myself fo passing a year from now? Like I am wishing I had picked up the grey or the bordeux?
  2. Since I am fairly new to Chanel I'm not sure about this but I will tell you I bought both the black metallic and light silver reissue flaps in the 226 size and absolutely love them both. I tend to by mostly LE bags (that way I can justify buying this bag now - if I wait it will be gone! lol). Think about why you are kicking yourself about the bordeaux and grey - is it because you really wish you had them or because they are 'out of reach' now? Buy a bag because you love it! Why did you pass on the silvers and the black?
  3. I passed on them at the time, becausei wasn't sure i liked flaps. Well now I fell in love with them, and wish I had liked them and now you can't get them and I love the colors.

    I passed on the metallics because i wasn't sure how versatile they would be, if metallic would stay in style and was thinking I should wait and see if a different color comes out I'll like better inthe spring.

    But now i am worried with all this price increase nonesense.:confused1:
  4. I think the dark silver and metallic black reissues are TDF. They're easy colors to match with outfits from what I've seen of the pictures posted. :drool:
  5. I think the black metallic is very versatile and 'metallic' isn't a very accurate description of it - the bag just has a bit of a shine, which I think gives it some 'pop' I would advise you to get the black metallic reissue if you have the chance.
  6. Ooh, I just got the metallic black reissue (not too sure about which size tho!) and as gwen10 said, it isn't really *that* metallic, just a subtle sheen that makes the bag look like it's smiling!;)
  7. I know exactly what you mean... I passed on the reissues last year cos I wasn't sure I really loved them and of course promptly regretted it when I changed my mind this year, decided I loved them and wanted to get one. I am totally kicking myself for missing the beautiful dark gold 2006 one!!!

    But now (luckily) I've got myself a black reissue and there's no turning back! Hehe I haven't regretted it at all! You should just decide which one you love and get it now before the price increase, but only if you really love it!

    I think some of the colours may be really hard to find in future, but I am sure there will be always reissues around... And I am a firm believer of "if it's meant to be, it will be yours" :p
  8. I just bought the dark silver, & I love it. It will actually go with both gold & silver because of the bronzy color.