Will the MBMJ Natasha look dated soon?

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  1. Ive noticed that the Natasha is popping up on sale everywhere. The full size black one is $220 on amazon and Bloomingdale's. I've been eyeing this bag for awhile and am interested in purchasing it but I'm worried this will start to look dated in a year or so, kind of the way that those tiny little shoulder bags that fit under your armpit do now. They're relatively plain and have a classic leather but is the shape and make going out of style?
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  2. Apart from the fact that "everyone" has got a Natasha I personally don´t think that it will be out of style in a year or so. As long as you think you will still like it/love it in a year I would consider buying one. I think it is a classic style. Especially the Classic Q Natascha. (Like the Classic Q line much better than the New Q)

    I would love a Natasha myself, but I bought the lil´Ukita (in eggplant colour) a year ago and that fills the same needs more or less.
  3. Just curious... Where do you live? I live and work near an Ohio city and I don't see a ton of MBMJ. Here and there yes but it's mostly Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton.

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  4. I love my natasha. I have one in faded aluminium and carob brown and used them every day. I don't think it look dated ... I still see a lot of this bag everywhwere. It's a fabulous crossbody bag. I do agree with Jannes, I much prefer the old classic style. Not a fan of the new q line...
  5. I live in Norway. Many people have the Natasha here. (My impression, at least) The Hillier Hobo was very popular a few years ago.
  6. I have the Classic Q Natasha in faded aluminum and I use it all the time. I don't think it will look dated. It's such as classic and simple style.
  7. I have the Natasha in faded aluminum and warm zinc. I love both and use them a lot. Personally I think it will not look dated. And specially a black bag can never look dated in my opinion. Go for it!
  8. The saddle bag style is definitely in fashion at the moment - probably why Mbmj has so many out, as you say. However I got my 2 Classic Q Natashas (1 purple medium size and 1 small black), 3 years ago and feel this style is a real classic which stands the test of time. The remakes and variations by the different designers just go to show how timeless this style is, I believe.
  9. My best friend has the Natasha in Cardamom and it is GORGEOUS. I can't find one anywhere or I'd totally be copying her! I think Natasha is a great bag and timeless since it doesn't try to fit the current trends.
  10. This. I believe MJ came out with this design first. Now I see MK, RM, TB, KS, Fossil, CK, RL, etc. with the similar designs. I like the mini for travelling as I put passports, cash, cc in the zipper compartment and everything else can be stored in the front. Love the thick soft leather, prefect for a cross body.
  11. I have several Natasha's and absolutely love them. I love the style and how classic the bag is. I do not like the new q, I much prefer the classic q. I think I have one in just about every color. It is the perfect bag for me. It holds a ton and as a mother to 2 boys I love that it is a crossbody...gotta keep my hands free! I love the zippered compartment to hold my wallet and other things I want to keep secure. Even when it is full of everything I need it holds its shape and isn't bulky. I highly recommend it!

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  12. Seems like everyone who's replying saying how much they love their Natasha is talking about the classic Q. Well the purse on sale is the New Q. Still worth it for $220?

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  13. I don't have the new q. I have heard that the new q is smaller than the classic q and the leather feels cheaper. I personally just don't like the look of the new q.

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  14. The classic q originally sold for about $368 if I remember correctly about 3 years ago, they went on sale to about $260 later on I believe. However the Classic Q lining is the pretty graffiti style print and the main pouch seems to be larger and more gathered than the new q. The new q does have a thicker strap and maybe more comfortable to wear, if not as aesthetically pleasing. I prefer the look and feel of the Classic.
  15. I had the classic with the graffiti lining but gave it to my niece when the new Q came out and bought that instead. I prefer the new Q as the strap is detachable, the lining is a solid colour and the hardware is silver. It's a matter preference with regards to the old vs new model. The sale price is good, I think I bought both when they went on sale or at least the F&F sale.