Will The Manhatten Be a Classic?

  1. I really like the Manhatten PM and am considering purchasing it as my very first LV. But at over $1000 I want a quality bag I will still want to carry 10 years from now.

    The Speedys are still around, and in fact they seem to be all over. I like the Multi-Color bags but wonder if women will still be using them 10 or 20 years from now (partly because they're white).

    Should I go with the known classic or take a chance with the Manhatten?
  2. I think that every LV piece that you decide to purchase will turn out to be a classic in it's own way, and if you get a bag that is on it's way to becoming discontinued, then that item will be even more special. In other words, take a chance on the Manhattan, this bag is sooo beautiful! You will not regret shelling out the money for this baby!
  3. Ooohhh... I love the manhattan PM!! I see it as a beautiful classic piece of art. You should get this over the speedy since speedy is way too played out (but you should get the speedy eventually since it's a staple piece).
  4. The Manhattan PM was my moms first LV along with the matching Koala, she loves it and I do too!

    I think you should get one, I could see people using theirs still years from now!

    I love seeing people with them around, too bad I dont see that much. I guess its a good thing?
  5. I think the Manhatten has staying power. It's such a beautiful bag. I'd get it!
  6. :yes: TOTALLY agree!!! where your LV YOUR way!!! you have to be in LOVE :love: with all your bags! AND if you LOVE the manhattan - i say... GO FOR IT!!!

  7. I totally agree with this!!!:yes: :biggrin:
  8. It's gorgeous!!!
    If I wasn't on a purse ban, this would be on my shopping list!
    Bags in that particular shape ARE pretty classic, and if Marc Jacobs designs are anything to go by, I'd say it will be here to stay for sure!!!
  9. I would be inclined to say YES! It's an incredibly timeless piece.
  10. I would say yes as well! This bag is definitely on my list....although the list is getting so long lol
  11. I'd have to say yes - it's so professional and chic at the same time !
  12. i agree, it's definitely timeless.
  13. Definitely timeless. This bag just looks fabulous.
  14. with the price increase, I'm waiting for the next eluxury free shipping offer! I love this bag also!
  15. Absolutely!!!:love: