Will the LV store clean 2nd-hand bags? :)

  1. Hi all
    Will the LV boutique clean bags that weren't bought from the store (i.e. eBay :smile: I want to know because I'm expecting this lovely bag soon and it could use a little cleaning...
  2. ughhh... like professional cleaning?

    I dunno :shrugs: but I do know that LV has this "special" canvas cleaner in their store cuz I've had 2 SAs work on my bag once lol
  3. I didn't even know they did "cleanings".
  4. i remember reading some threads where some ladies have had their bags cleaned at the boutique, for free :smile: just wondering if they'd show some love for the "ebayed" bags too hehe.

    if not, bummer, but then i guess i can always try the BabyWipes method...
  5. maybe. you should call and see..
  6. They should. You can have vernis reglazed and hardware replaced but I'm not entirley sure they do "cleanings." Might be better off going to a cobler or a leather specialist.
  7. they will clean the bags for u FOC, they never ask where u get them, as long as the bags are LV and authentic, simply as that, but for every cleaning, some bags might easily clean some might not, so depends on bags condition
  8. Assuming they don't clean the bag for me, does anyone know how to treat / remove a water stain from the monogram leather bags? Thanks!
  9. yay great news. this lil beauty could use a bit of cleaning...
  10. Thanks for the info i wanted to that too~
  11. Water spots on vachetta can be removed with alcohol-free baby wipes :smile: do a search for baby wipes, there are lots of posts on that cleaning process :yes:
  12. u can use some baby wipes and try wipe a bit on it, but to be honest vernis marking is permanent and the little corner lining seems like bruises of using, which is common and this cannot be fix ... im not sure if its cleanable as well
  13. i'll try to spruce her up as much as i can! :smile: i've adopted her so she needs my help! if i can get her a professional cleaning, that'd be so fabulous!!
  14. I thought LV didn't do cleanings, just repairs on damaged bags for a charge. Has anyone actually had their bag "cleaned"?
  15. i did - annually