Will the LV Pochette fit inside the Gucci Disco?

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  1. #1 Jun 26, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
    Hi everyone- Does anyone know if the LV pochette (new model) will fit inside the Gucci disco?

    I recently bought by first Gucci Disco in Rose Beige (it's in the mail, can't wait to post pics when it gets here) and I'm trying to find an LV wristlet or pouch with a strap that will fit inside the Disco to hold my phone (samsung note 5, about the size of the iphone 6+) and an LV cles. I want a separate pouch for these so I can easily take it out of my Disco to throw in my work tote as I'm not planning to put my Disco in my work tote or carry it in addition to my work tote. I'm having a bit of trouble finding something based on the dimensions online because it seems like the pochette will not fit inside the Disco but the mini pochette will not fit my phone.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or can tell me if the regular pochette will fit into the disco, even if it's at a slight angle? This is my first non-LV bag so I'm having a bit of trouble giving up the idea of having LV items inside my Gucci. I feel naked without some LV on me!

    Ironically enough, I think the old pochette version would fit but that is the bag I'm replacing with the Disco! I unfortunately didn't get my old pochette in for repairs in time and it's now cracking beyond the point of repair so it needs to be permanently retired. Very sad for me as it's been my daily purse for the past decade at least.

    If anyone has any input or suggestions beyond the pochette option I would love to hear it!
  2. I don't have the regular pochette, but I have used my mini pochette and toiletry 15 pouch in my Gucci Disco. I don't know the dimensions on the regular pochette, but if it's more than an inch longer than the mini I don't think it'll fit.
  3. I don't think the regular Louis Vuitton Pochette will fit inside the disco, at least not comfortably. Even if you did manage to put the pochette inside the disco, you'd probably need to not fill the pochette up so you can squeeze it inside the bag.

    If you are just going to use a pouch to house your cles and phone, I don't see why you need to use a pochette. The disco bag is small and meant to be minimalist; it would be different if the bag were a lot larger. I would just get a pochette and leave it inside your work tote so when you switch out of your disco bag, you can throw the phone and cles inside the pochette.
  4. You are so right about this. I'm not sure why I'm trying to make it sound SO DIFFICULT to take a cles and a phone out of a pochette and switch it to my Disco! It's actually rediculous the more I think about it. I think I'm going to do exactly as you've suggested-get another pochette and use it in my work tote and just transfer the items to my Disco when I'm using that. Thanks for talking me down from the ledge!
  5. Thank you! I do think the pochette is going to be too big to fit into the Disco but I've also realized that I'm making things more difficult than they need to be! Thanks so much for your insight!