Will the Lindsay Fit On Your Shoulder

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  1. I am sorry I am so obsessed but I probably put too much thought into my bag purchases because I just hate buyers remorse.
    Can the Linday fit on your shoulder?
    How many of you actually carry it on your shoulder?
    Thanks ladies!
  2. I have the Teal Lindsay and yes, it does fit on my shoulder, but I normally carry it like a satchel on the crook of my arm. It's just a little box-y for under my arm when it's on my shoulder.
  3. i think if you have a small frame it will sit on your shoulder comfortably
  4. ditto!
  5. I can carry Lindsay on my shoulder, and I'm what we kindly refer to around here as "a little fluffy."

    I carry it all different ways - just in my hand, or in the crook of my arm, but mostly on the shoulder. Like JennE posted - it's a little boxy on the shoulder, but if it's swung towards your back, it's not too bad.

    It's one of my all time favorite bags. What color are you considering?
  6. It does fit on my shoulder comfortably..
  7. Since I am tiny, it fits over my shoulder very well and I prefer to carry it that way too. It is a bit of a luggage bag and feels heavy after carrying it around the whole day. But totally worth it--it's such an awesome bag! :nuts:
  8. I think it fits comfortably over the shoulder. In fact, the straps are pretty long... I think! It does feel heavy sometimes, just FYI, even with just my wallet and phone and little Vera Bradley makeup bag.
  9. I'm gonna weigh in here, as I always see women saying that Lindsay can be carried on your shoulder...she can, but it's NOT ideal!!!

    She's pretty thick and bulky, I would think you'd have to have a pretty small frame to EASILY carry her on your shoulder. I have some pic's for reference. They are a bit dark but hopefull you'll get an idea. I'm 5' 6" and in these pic's weighed approx 160 ish.

    She's a great bag, but best worn in the crook of your arm or carried by hand!!!

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  10. I am fluffy and I usually have a checkbook wallet, 2 makeup cases, and a mini skinny in mine and it falls off my shoulder all the time.