Will the hearts be delayed after Feb 1?

  1. I was at LV this morning buying a new zippy and I asked if they received the hearts yet.

    They said they hadn't and they usually receive LV merchandise 1-2 weeks prior to release dates.

    Has anyone else heard from their SA about the hearts recently?
  2. I talked to my SA yesterday and he said to expect them Feb 1. He didn't specify if the shipment had arrived or not, just that I should expect a call around then.
  3. hey I thought the hearts were already out? Sorry I'm not an LV expert can someone elaborate?
  4. They're out in some markets (Europe, Hawaii, etc.), but not yet on the mainland U.S. The release date is supposed to be February 1.
  5. oooh! i see thanks for the information :biggrin: I love it, its so pretty! Quite alot of members seem to have it I wonder where they get them from? (sorry I just seem to find that alot of the PFers are from the US). Its all sold out over here in UK, and some authentic ones were on eBay selling for well over the RRP :sad:
  6. When they were suppose to come out at their original date I had went to an LV boutique the day before and asked if they had gotten it and they said no... and the SA I talked to said that it was weird cause they usually will get it the day before the release... she didn't say anything about 1-2 weeks prior...
  7. I was told they expect them on Wed, which is the day they usually get a huge shipment.
  8. ooh, i hope stuff doesn't get delayed, i'm eagerly awaiting the miroir cosmetic cases!!
  9. I don't know if my store has them yet or even if they'll call me. I was in a couple of days ago but forgot to ask...the girl who helped me before did say though that they'd call when they got them in.
  10. Oh it is so hard to find one in canada.
  11. My SA said they'll be available on Friday. Can't wait!!
  12. Good luck to everyone who wants the hearts and haven gotten one!

    I have already sent mine back for repairs... :sweatdrop: My chain hook was spoilt.
  13. When the Cles' came out I called LV and they hadn't gotten their shipment in yet but the SA who answered the phone told me he had worked in Neimans the night before and helped unload the shipment which included the Cles'. That would mean that they got them the day before the 1/11 release date. I know Short Hills ddidn't receive them yet as I was there yesterday and my regular SA and I had a lenghtly conversation about them. A little over a week to go...Can't wait!!
  14. I am dying in anticipation!
  15. Singapore in ASIA already released and SOLD out.. waiting for 2nd shipment..:sweatdrop: