Will the handles on paddy darken in time with use???

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm a totally newbie to Chole and I just got myself a mini paddy :yahoo: in light color (not sure yet what it's called) anyhow, i'll post some pics once I can get to it

    So, my question is whether the handles will get darkened in time with use?? (since I got the lighter color paddy) :confused1:

    Are paddies like Balenciaga bags that handles need to be extremely cared for???

    Thx for your input :love:
  2. I have a darker shade, but I've heard some darkening takes place over time...
    You can use a leather protectant... somebody mentioned Apple Garder Rain and Stain repellent... though it seems to be hard to get in Europe...
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate it :tup::love:
  4. None of mine have darkened, but I have seen pictures of darkened handles on eBay. I think that all leather bags handles can darken over time. However, I think that the Chloe leather is less predisposed to it then some other brands; such as Balenciaga.
  5. I think if you wear hand lotion, it's more prone to change the handle colors. That would be with any bag. The natural oils in your hands can change the color also, no matter how careful you are. I'm super careful so I've been lucky so far.
  6. iluvhandbags, imonpurseblog......thanks so much I'll try to be super careful :smile:
  7. I don't have the problem with my white paddy yet... anyway.. I am extremely careful when I use it.. hehe