will the gold patchwork go to outlets?

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  1. Anyone know if the gallery totes or the duffle will be hitting the outlets?
  2. I'm curious to hear what from the current line will hit the outlets after Christmas...
  3. oooh. i like the gold patchwork.

    i have the shoes around here somewhere...i should probably wear them some time...
  4. I hope it hits the outlets..I love all the shiney gold LOL!
  5. Question for you....

    now, I have this big gold tote bag from the Gap that I use as a work tote...I've had it since summer 05...and the gold is 'rubbing off' and becoming dull on the handles...

    does Coach gold do this too? I know some have said the gold dusted suede kinda "rubs off"...

    (I NEVER used to like gold...was always a silver girl...but I LOVE gold on my purses for some reason...)
  6. ^ OMG I didn't even notice the gold tote was off coach's website. I believe the handles are brown leather so you shouldn't have a problem w/ that. But yes the dusted suede is all I have heard complaints about, it rubbing off. If something does happened to it that's not "normal" you can always send it in for repair.
  7. Here's a pic from So_Femme's collection
  8. ^^^ That is sooooooo pretty!

    and you are SUCH an enable-er! hehehe
  9. I dunno, but i will keep my eyes open. I could REALLY use a bag to wear with the belts and shoes I have
  10. Last year's patchwork went to the outlets so unless the demand for the patchwork increased this year, I think we'd see it at the outlets.
  11. Gold is one of my FAVORITE colors (I like pink and white, too)!! I immediately fell in love and had to get this bag! I haven't had any probs so far with the gold... however, I do have a PDA case (the tag said Universal Case) thats khaki with gold trim and the gold piping to the outside pocket appears as if its fading.
  12. yea , can't wait! the holiday patchwork IS all over the outlets! (((keeping fingers crossed))) hopefully we will get it.