will the gold patchwork go to outlets?


Coach wh*re
Nov 29, 2006
I hope it hits the outlets..I love all the shiney gold LOL!
Question for you....

now, I have this big gold tote bag from the Gap that I use as a work tote...I've had it since summer 05...and the gold is 'rubbing off' and becoming dull on the handles...

does Coach gold do this too? I know some have said the gold dusted suede kinda "rubs off"...

(I NEVER used to like gold...was always a silver girl...but I LOVE gold on my purses for some reason...)
Feb 28, 2006
Northern VA
^ OMG I didn't even notice the gold tote was off coach's website. I believe the handles are brown leather so you shouldn't have a problem w/ that. But yes the dusted suede is all I have heard complaints about, it rubbing off. If something does happened to it that's not "normal" you can always send it in for repair.


L&#9829ve those Cs!
Aug 26, 2006
Here's a pic from So_Femme's collection
Gold is one of my FAVORITE colors (I like pink and white, too)!! I immediately fell in love and had to get this bag! I haven't had any probs so far with the gold... however, I do have a PDA case (the tag said Universal Case) thats khaki with gold trim and the gold piping to the outside pocket appears as if its fading.