Will the glazed lambskin classic flap be fairly durable?

  1. I have this beauty on hold for presale at Saks tomorrow. The leather is so gorgeous, but so soft, will it lose its shape??
  2. May I ask which Saks is going to have presale for Chanel bags tomorrow?
  3. I just bought the black one in distressed glazed lambskin leather, and have only used it once so far. I think the glazed lambskin is much more durable than the normal lambskin on the classic flaps, but I am not sure if my bag (in distressed lambskin) will lose its shape after time. For me, this bag (in distressed lambskin) is a little less structured compared to the CC-lock classic flaps; but you know, they are two totally different bags. :yes:
  4. As Fice said... plus, with the distressed look any further wear is supposed to enhance the beauty, and the coating makes it more durable than plain lambskin.

    However, according to my SA it would not be as tough as caviar.

    I can see this bag changing shape a little...it's very very soft. It's gorgeous though!
  5. phyllis1--the presale is for the triple point event, so not really a "sale" I guess, that is just how my SA referred to it.
  6. Do they make the classic chanel bags with CC logo in glazed lambskin? It sounds nice.
  7. Honeybunch--it is so pretty. A classic flap with mm closure.