will the french purse fit in a pochette accessories?

  1. :shrugs: I think I really miss my ludlow, since I really don't need a whole wallet for cash (have cles for that, and am scared to put my phone in the coin purse part, which was was the whole reason why I went for it in the first place. And I am a smaller bag type of gal, and I do love the look of the french purse, so would this fit in a pochette?
  2. it would definitely fit in your pochette, however there's no much room left for other things :sweatdrop:
  3. Might fit may be a little bulky.
  4. I had wanted a French Purse too... but I figured there wouldn't be room for other stuff if I had that in my Pochette... so nope.. I'm thinking of Cozy or Ludlow instead.
  5. it'll fit but I don't think you'll have room for too much more
  6. This is killing me! I love the look of the french purse, but it doesn;t work with my current "purse style"!
  7. I used to put my koala in the pochette, its the similar size to the FP, so I think the FP will fit too!!!
  8. Yup, it will fit but will be tight for anything else.
  9. hi aarti. koala fits better in the pochette!