will the dior gaucho go on sale? and more newbie questions

  1. hi daniela,

    gauchos don't go on sale as far as i know, and i *highly* doubt if they ever will. but on the other threads, Loganz has mentioned that bluefly (bluefly.com) had the gaucho messengers and double saddles for sale at a cheaper price than retail. additionally, diabro.net is a great place to get authentic gauchos (in the different styles that you've mentioned) at a cheaper price too. our own PFer MayDay has had a very positive experience purchasing 2 gauchos from diabro.

    another style/variant of the gaucho would be the ones from the cruise collection (diabro.net has the cruise gaucho in pearl white and you can also check out real life photos of it in Chrystalline's thread - http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/my-white-metallic-strap-gaucho-70710.html)

    good luck!
  2. I heard from my SA that the denim version will go on sale next.

    happy hunting...:yes:
  3. dior bags usually go on sale, wait a month or so.
  4. i don't see the gaucho going on sale really (well bar the denim one which foxy mentioned).
    it's akin to having the lady dior on sale no?
  5. I agree! The Gaucho is selling very well and they keep making new versions of it (with different colors, skins, and decor). In fact, the off-white one is in this spring's Dior catalogue, so I don't think it will go on sale yet (except for the denim version which doesn't seem to sell as well as the leather ones).
  6. Agreed. I've never seen Gauchos on sale. But that may be a good thing, cuz I have been itching for one (or two or three) more.
  7. I almost bought the denim at eluxury when it first came out because I needed something denim--so I wouldn't mind seeing that go on sale--please post if anyone sees it. But I'm really liking the leathers too. There is a gold washed that I think is great. You don't even see deals on the real thing on eBay.
  8. The Gaucho has become a classic collection for Dior so I don't think it will go on sale anytime soon. Perhaps an offbeat color might on on sale at the end of the season.
  9. same here..i also think the Dior Gaucho won't go on sale publicly unless your SA offers you something good, but i dont it would be that much right? also, xochrissie right..an offbeat or a color not saleable enough can possibly go on sale... but that would be kinda bleak at the moment to happen hehehe..
  10. sale now

  11. only in US though:crybaby:
  12. They can ship anywhere? you seriously can beat those prices even with shipping costs and customs!
  13. Gauchos are on sale now at Saks. THey have red, blue leather and denim.