Will the Day Clutch Be a Hit?

  1. I've seen a lot of talk about day clutches for the spring/summer season. As a mom, I find this to be incredibly impractical- I already have enough of a problem with my satchels :smile:
    I think they would be nice for going out..but at night. What do you think? Is it worth buying one for the day?
  2. I do this already, with either a clutch or a wristlet. I either just need that and maybe a water bottle, otherwise I need a larger bag for my books and laptop, so I welcome this trend whole heartedly.
  3. I love the look of this trend. I think it is a bit impractical but very chic. I think afternoon lunch with friends, perfect, schlepping kids around the mall not so perfect. I love the trend.
  4. i can do a wristlet, but not always. buy a cheapie and run with it, go for it. But, you can always thrown it in your satchel, shall your day get long or hectic! Or, take it out for errands, or if you need that chic look.
  5. 100% in agreement!

    I love the look of carrying this type bag but practicality for kid activiities, even shopping (I need both hands :lol: ) is not going to work for me.
  6. Big spread in Vogue right now about day clutches. While some of them are lovely, and I like the idea, it is not practical for me. I can't even get away with a clutch for evening because I need to carry so much stuff. I have a phobia about being caught without a phone, a tissue, a Tums, an aspirin, some hand lotion, a mint, lip gloss, etc. Oh no...I've turned into my mom!!
  7. I like seeing others carry clutches, but they're definitely not for me, as I like to keep my hands free. Also, I am a very forgetful person and would probably end up leaving my clutch somewhere and not even know it until hours later.

  8. Same here! I love using my LV Denim flat pouch or Mono Poche Toilette 26 as a daytime clutch!

    **However, I don't have kids...that might be a bit of a challenge:confused1:
  9. i love clutches... i think they're never going out of trend...
    i use to carry my clutch inside my handbag, and when i want to grab lunch and left my bag in the office, i'll just carry the clutch to out.
  10. I've been seeing a lot of people with day clutches around. I love the idea, but with a toddler, it's basically impossible. I do use a wristlet type thing in my bag so if I need to run out to a store or something I can just carry that around my wrist, though without a wrist strap and with my toddler, it would be impossible.
  11. So not practical...I'm a big bag girl. Nonetheless, LOVE it.
  12. Love them. Everyone should have one in their collection.
  13. I like them but I need to train myself to stop carrying stuff in my handbag that I don't need like my whole make up bag I really only ever touch up my lipstick LOL. I would use for evening wear or daytime function!
  14. I do this already, as well, with clutches and continental wallets. :yes:

    Have done for a good few years, now...

    Not sure if I'm happy that it's a trend, though. As I don't want to have to stop, when it's deemed 'out' again... :s
  15. I just bought a Juicy one (in light blue) and I can't wait for it to get here! I think that day clutches are great when you don't want to bring a lot of stuff along with you and all you really need is some cash, and ID and a cell phone. I have multiple clutches and use them all the time.

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