Will the damier speedy sag?

  1. Since the monogram does I am wondering if the damier one will too? Anyone know or have one that can tell me?

    I can't wait until late summer!
  2. i would imagine that it will, i think the mono canvas and damier canvas are basically the same except for pattern. a purseket can more or less solve that, though!
  3. most likely it will, because its the same shape as the monogram speedy,nothing really changes except the pattern on the purse. :biggrin:
  4. I am doing the cardboard thing in my Speedys now and it works great in combination with a Purseket! I'm looking forward to pics of the Damier Speedy if anyone has any.
  5. I saw a SO damier speedy last year in the store and it's as thin as the regular mono speedy so I believe it'll sag regardless.
  6. There's a thread that has some pics in it that someone got from TFS. Do a search and I'm sure you'll be able to find it.
  7. most likely it will sag.. but cardboard helps!
  8. i am sure it will sag,coz they are made from the same Canvas....here are some pics......
    Damier25.JPG Damier30.JPG damier speedy 2.jpg damier speedy 530.jpg
  9. thanks for posting the pics! I still can't decide on whether or not I want the mono or damier...it's too hard!
  10. Thanks Denimbaggy for the pics! I hope they make it in the speedy 30 or 35.....I thought it was going to be available in the fall?!
  11. It'll sag- they'res absolutlely no difference in the fabric besides the appearance.
  12. thanks Denimbaggy for those pics !!!!! i am not a big fan of the Damier but this one is not bad looking :nuts:
  13. i hadnt seen the damier speedy before. its so pretty!!
  14. Thanks for the pics!! :biggrin: Can't wait to receive THE call saying that the speedy arrived... will take a couple of months, though :sad:
  15. Cute!!!