Will the colour difference even out after time?

  1. As you can see the vachetta bottom of my noé has a nasty colour difference on the back side (it's like that the whole way...). Will the colour difference even out after time/more patina has developped?
    Noé 3.jpg
  2. probably......................i think......................
  3. It'll still be there, but it will be less obvious...:sad:
  4. Yes it will, you can speed it up with some leather conditioner on the parts that seem lighter. Have you tried wiping it with a damp white cloth, it looks a little like a water stain & sometimes you can lighten them & even up the color by doing so. Your noe is lovely, & LV ages so gracefully with a little tlc, don't worry & enjoy your bag.
  5. the patina should even out over time, but i don't think it will eevery go away.
    have you tried alcohol free baby wipes?
  6. Thank you for all the tips!!! I guess it's water stains from the time I wasn't aware of how you should treat new vachetta. I hope it'll even out over time but if it doesn't then well, that's just life... It'll still be a beautiful bag :heart:
  7. use baby wipes!!! they even out water damage like that SO WELL!!! you may need to wipe down the bag a few times, but it REALLY makes a difference!
  8. yup, it seems like water stain to me, try either baby wipe or speed up the patina process by rubbing baby oil over the lighter vachetta area. it should blend in when the patina darkens, but not sure how long it's going to take, but water stain or not, it's still a beautiful bag ^^
  9. I have get some baby wipes as soon as possible! When use them should try to wipe only the lighter part of the vachetta where it's not stained? And oh, does it matter that the bag is about four years old so the stains are not very new either?
  10. Your Noe is beautiful being a 4 yro. I would take the peeps suggestions and maybe check out the stickie on cleaning vachetta.
  11. Why are there so many words missing from my post... well anyway I really appreciate your help!!! You are all always so helpfull!!
  12. Good luck. Let us know if the baby wipes help
  13. Saddle soap can help, too. Either way, the stains will be less obvious over time. Beautiful noe.

  14. i would use the wipes to 'blend' the darker spots to the lighter spots, and wipe the vachetta all over. the most obvious spot is the 'line' where the dark meets the light. wiping that away will make the mark of the dark less obvious. i do not think that the age of the bag will make a difference. again, you may need to do this a few times. let it dry, do it again. let it dry, do it again. it is well worth it. good luck!
  15. mmm that part of the noe is very very delicate
    I am sorry but I do not think it will go away completly
    use some baby wipes and then leather cream
    with the time the patina will make it less obvious
    u have a quite light patina yet