Will the Chloe Drew goes out of style in a few years?

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  1. I absolutely love the chloe drew but i saw a video on youtube of a lady purchased the chloe drew but was considering returning it because she fear it may not be in trend years from now.
    I'm pretty new to this whole designer bags so i was wondering what's everybody's opinions?
  2. I do think it will have some lasting power - but I don't think that's the real 'issue' with the bag. I've heard a significant amount of negative feedback on the breakage of the bag. The strap and chain have broken on many people who have it (within months of using) and the quality isn't as great as one would expect from Chloe. This is why I haven't purchased it (yet!) even though I love the style and think its a very versatile bag.
  3. I have watched a review on youtube of the Chloe Drew Mini and fashion blogger Fleur Deforce had been using the bad almost continuously for 6 weeks and loved it, the only criticism was that the little clasp that goes into the lock works itself out of the holder and can then bang against the leather and the lock hardware. She said it was a bit annoying but absolutely loves the bag! I am loving it too and am thinking of either getting the cream colour with gold hardware or the classic black with gold hardware. I wouldn't worry about whether something is in trend a few years from now, it seems like a classic style and I think if you love it now what does it matter? :smile:
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