Will the boysenberry leather last?

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  1. I just ordered the Kristin studded boysenberry. I think the look is amazing but I'm a bit leary about her and possible flaking.
    Has anyone carried her alot and finding she's just fine?
    If you own this beautiful bag - what are your thoughts?
  2. I have the small cross body bag in this leather and have only used it once so I can't really say. But I do think this is not an every day bag at all. I think it needs to be gentled and looked after, just to keep her looking brand new. That's why I got the smallest size, for going out occasions.
  3. I have the Kristen Satchel in Boysenberry. I have been carrying it for a few weeks now and have had no issues so far. I check her scales often to see if they are falling off and so far so good.

    I had her yesterday when I went to the Coach store and the girls in the store were falling over themselves to look at her. They hadn't seen one in person and kept sending people over to me to check it out.
  4. I returned mine because that worried me also...felt like a bag that would have to be babied, definitely not an everyday bag. But it is stunning! You will love the look of her I think
  5. Thanks for all your comments! She sounds beautiful and I'm ok with babying her - can't wait to meet her!