Will the black roccos be on sale at Barneys next week?

  1. Anyone know if the black will go on sale, or if it's just select colors? Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure that during the Barney's Black Friday sale it was just the select seasonal colors...at that time it was espresso, midnight, spice, etc... :shrugs: I don't remember any black or I would have been all over it. lol
  3. I went to the co-op on the UWS of NYC yesterday and they looked up the black\silver rocco and said no.
  4. That's funny. I was at the UWS COOP yesterday too. :smile:
  5. Thanks for this info...that is exactly the bag I was wondering about too. ;)
  6. Hey ladies I called today and pre-saled a black Rocco with rhodium hardware and they also had the citrus with pale gold hardware available they were each 40% off of $875 and I did this over the phone as I just came home from school in NYC :sad: just thought you'd like to know. I called the one in Chelsea but they had already pre sold all of theirs but the sa got it for me at another store!!!
  7. Are the sales going to be online too, or just over the phone and in store?
  8. I'm not sure but I bet you could call and ask :smile: