Will the aqua fresh Paddy be available to buy online? [not at diabro!]

  1. I saw this particular color on diabro.net and was all set to purchase it, bu~uuut I decided to read the thread here on diabro's authenticity first. Now I am wary and do not want to purchase from this store.

    Does anyone know if the color aqua fresh will be available on Neiman Marcus, net-a-porter, Saks, or Bergdorf Goodman? Should I just call a Chloe boutique? Do they ship?

    Thanks, as always!
  2. Yes, the boutiques will ship. Be sure to find out the return policy wherever you buy it from. Some places don't allow them as long as others (just in case there is a problem).
  3. Forgot to add, please post pictures! We love photos and this is one I really want to see!
  4. This aquafresh color is unbelievably beautiful. I have a new fairly comprehensive list of Chloe retailers with phone numbers. And my SA at Bal Harbour, Kira Hvidsten, is marvelous to work with. She's the one that sent me the list! I didn't know there was a Chloe boutique at The Shoppes at the Palazzo (store #2952) in Las Vegas! Or that there is one in Brazil! That's not so far away!
  5. I saw what I think is aqua fresh in the window of the Chloe boutique in Las Vegas this weekend - they weren't open, but I sure as hell wish they had been! It is gorgeous.
  6. Thanks for the info everyone!

    I think I may give the Vegas boutique a call later this week. I feel kind of silly, but I am not entirely sure how much it will retail for (I am thinking roughly around what is listed on diabro), so the call should be interesting. I just don't know when/if the bag will hit some of the reliable discounted sites...

    In the meantime, I thought I would share a picture I found! :drool:
    aqua fresh.jpg
  7. I love this color. I think you're right about it not being discounted. It will probably be too popular for now. So I say grab it now!:graucho: