will the 255/reissue bags be a permanent thing?

  1. with different colors from season to season, or will they stop making this entirely at some point?
  2. It's hard to say.:shrugs:
  3. According to the European SAs, there won't be permanent, they already stopped making the black with both hardwares. I called whole Europe about a black with gold or silver hardawre and there's none left and won't be coming in anytime soon. You can be lucky in the US. I just have a grey reissue on hold for me and I just need to pay for it and I'll go for it if I can't find a black at NM in 226 today or better a wonderful pf member is helping me with it.
  4. I think the reissue is Karl Lagerfeld's ode to Madame Chanel, so I'm guessing it'll be around as long as Kaiser Karl is at the helm.