Will the '04 Turquoise and Seafoam be affected by the arrival of the '07 color

  1. Does the value of an '04 Seafoam go down now that there's a similar color available for '07? Meaning, would people still be willing to pay as much for an '04 seafoam now that there's an '07 similar color?
  2. i have a seafoam and I don't think the color is that similar (if it is the bag color in the fourth picture...that looks more like emerald 03 to me) If it is the swatch color....it is close to seafoam.

    that said.. I've seen the new bags...the leather is just not the same...I personally would prefer the older bag because it just seems ot have so much personality...it remains to be seen what would happen when the bags come out!
  3. Maybe somewhat ... but Seafoam still has that silver hardware...which will not be repeated. I would think that the '04 Turquoise might take more of a hit than the Seafoam.
  4. I cannot see why it would go down and I know I would still pay as much for an '04 seafoam, turq., rose, etc... for a number of reasons. First, the '04 has that wonderful leather that has yet to be reproduced. Second, the s/s '04 has the pewter hardware which I think better suits the seafoam color. Third, I think that because the '04 seafoam was made in limited production, if you get the chance to buy one (big "if" because these almost never show up), then you get a chance to own a collector's piece. Finally, I think the old bags are better made and have withstood the test of time. I have plenty of other reasons but I will stop now.
  5. That's what I was wondering about. Thanks for all your responses!
  6. I agree on all points!:yes:
  7. ^^^I totally agree about the older leather & rarity of 2004's.....but on the neg side of seafoam, I have noticed many have gotten a bit yellow with age....eek! Can that be prevented?
  8. MIne isn't yellow at all....I have not conditioned it (or needed to) at all and it is still a very pure, seafoam color...

    Does anyone have personal experience with this color yellowing?

    Actually, what causes yellowing of some light colors? Does anyone have really old light colors that have NOT yellowed? and do you have a secret?
    ( maybe this should be another thread)
  9. I agree with chigirl on all points except the big one.... ;)
    i think that THE MAJORITY of people will be less inclined to pay the big bucks for an older seafoam on ebay, when they can buy a brand new bag in a similar shade.

    just like the ol' rush to get Rouge VIF...
  10. ^^ It is possible...but the collectors will probably still line up for the older version (eg lilac 03 or 04 vs lilac 06 ..or ...indigo vs blueberry)

    Unless they improve the leather to what it once was....if they do that....people probably won't rush for the old bags.
  11. I think the value of the 2004 seafoam will go down. I would not pay close to retail for an old, possibly funky smelling, a tad discolored/dirty bag if I can get a new one in a similar color. Think about it, someone else has already carried the bag with their dirty hands for at least 2 years. I'd stick with the 2007 vert d'eau... well that is if the color is similar to the swatch.
  12. I think the older bags will still command higher prices. The true Bbag collectors will still want these bags- I do! I think if you have just got into Bbags you just don't understand the true beauty of a vintage Balenciaga.
  13. Some great points made in here - Zac & Chi beautifully said!

    The difference between the "old and new" (aside from the apparent leather issue) is that many bags are being produced today, whereas the old bags were very limited - and limited production always lends for an increased collectible value. My *personal view* is that while the new bags are of course signature Balenciaga, and they are beautiful, the older bags to me are not just a bag, they are true pieces of wearable art.
  14. If one is a true collector or Balenciaga bags I don't think the price will go down. For the new collectors, I think it will make a difference. Go ahead and shoot me but I really don't get the frenzy over seafoam. It's beautiful but it isn't high on my list of wanted colors. I actualy think pistachio is prettier if you like green, which I don't.
    I'm glad that yaya said it first, because the *used* bag thing bothers me especially after reading that article on germy handbags. If I know who previously owned it then that's another matter, but the thought of a bag carried for years *someone* else. The lovingmybags antibacterial lotion is a great idea. My Mom got a LV on Ebay with dirty handles and I cleaned them for her and it grossed me out.:yucky:
  15. Thanks so much everyone for commenting! I'm trying to figure out myself if I had the chance, would I rather spend big $$ on an '04 seafoam when I could get a brand new one in a similar color for less. :confused1: I also wonder if more '04 seafoams will be popping up for sale now that there's Vert D'eau.

    I'm also trying to explain to someone (who doesn't understand Balenciaga at all :rolleyes: ) why people would be willing to pay more for an '04 bag when they can buy the same color brand new and she thinks it's crazy! :shrugs: So thanks for all your comments!