Will someone talk some sense into me?

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  1. Ok, basically I have been on bag binge. A VERY BAD BINGE
    I should be banned
    This past summer (actually july-present day) I have picked up
    modern chain tote
    modern chain flap,
    ultimate soft hobo looking bag with silver hardware (tag said messenger)
    pink medium caviar flap silver hardware,
    black miniflap gold hardware
    big brooklyn cabas style(than exchanged for)
    brooklyn north south bag
    jumbo caviar flap silver hardware

    I want a GST. I could have gotten a big discount on one yesterday but couldn't do it. BUT I do want one. I have a credit for $600 from NM (the difference between my two brooklyn bags) and another GC for $500 for NM. I can't bring myself to buy it, and I want it. I have a black one with silver hardware on hold, however now I am thinking reiussue. My SA from NM keeps telling me to get the gst, than the other SA is talking me into the reissue 227. I am a big bag person who needs my bag for everyday function. With the pending increase shouldn't I just pull the trigger and get it?
    Am I wrong for thinking the reissue is worth buying later on despite the increase and the gst isn't worth over 2K? Basically I need someone to help me GST OR REISSUE?
    GST would be about 930 out of pocket and the Reissue would be 1569. SOMEONE GIVE ME A REASON TO JUST BUY THE GST. Everytime I go to buy it, something else deters me from it, but I want it. I don't know why I won't do it.
    HELP ME:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. Do you think the impending price increases are creating false feelings that you "need" the GST and/or reissue? The GST is a great timeless bag IMO and since you said you're a big bag gal, then I say go for it. One cavaet: Make sure you 110% want it. Maybe go back and try it on again to get your feelings straight.
  3. i have tried it on numerous amount of times. i love it. i was buying it yesterday than I figured I would get my jumbo caviar instead.
  4. Regardless of price, I would pick the GST over the reissue anyways...GST is an awesome bag!
  5. thanks jfhave.
    i am trying to get the shiny reissue out of my head. the sa said the chain can't be worn messenger style therefore it serves me no use. atleast the jumbo can be worn with my hands free.
  6. I think the fall increase is putting a lot of pressure on us all to buy everything now,which is a shame. It is such a pleasure to bring a new bag home from the store-savoring each addition!
  7. Reissue! :smile:
  8. You already have 4 flaps and 2 totes. I think you should get GST. No more flap.
  9. ok i am feeling that it should be the gst than hold off til the cruise collection...
  10. You should go back to the store and look at it one more time... and if you still love it, you should get it.

    ITA with Bagmom. So far the pending price increase just driving me nuts... I keep thinking, ok, what else do I want to get before the price increase???
  11. Reissue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  12. Try it out again, but I would pick GST.
  13. Get the GST. I just ordered this today due to price increase next month or is it in October?
  14. Wow you sound like me, if I'd hit the Chanel board in July instead of just this month. I feel an incredible amount of pressure to get the classics NOW NOW NOW due to this price increase - never mind how irritating it is that there's already been increases this year of which I wasn't even aware, because I wasn't "in the market" at the time.

    I have to ask...do you need EITHER of them, right now? Right this second, this month? I have to advise that you get NEITHER, and to enjoy the bags that you already have (and every single one of those seven are hot hot hot) for at least a little bit.

    The GST will be there. The Reissue will be there. Yeah they may cost more eventually, but think of how much more they cost already! BTW, I think your next bag whenever that is should probably be the GST :graucho:
  15. The GST is a good choice. I am not a person into tote at all, but I still got one when it was $1,750. I love it now, not only because it seems that I 'saved' money, but it is such a great bag for everything. Yes, I carry lots of stuff with me everyday. :sweatdrop: