Will someone clue me in on what happened??

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  1. Hello!! I must say I have never had this happen in my 4 + years on eBay....

    I was bidding on an auction:
    eBay: Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle Handbag purse BLUE AUTH (item 160077798911 end time Jan-30-07 21:02:45 PST)

    Then... during the middle of the night, the seller (I think it was the seller), canceled the first three bids on the item, for reason "item no longer available". Then, three new bidders came in and bid on the item, with the highest bidder winning out of that group...

    I'm not extremely upset or anything, there are other bags out there and this wasn't my dream color (just really darn close to it).... But, at this point, I am just really confused?? Why did the seller cancel our perfectly good bids? Of course, I can really only speak for myself, but it seems that all of us first three bidder's had adequate FB history... I am personally Paypal verified, and I have just recently purchased a bbag, paid promptly, and already received positive FB for it.

    Can anyone clue me in on what happened here?? This bag was discussed in the Bbag section as being authentic... and I am pretty sure at least one of the other bidder's canceled was a tPFer... but am not sure...

    If anyone has any idea... just chime in... I am just confused and would like to understand this, so I know for the future if I need to be looking for something... or do something special... or stay away from certain auctions... :confused1: Thanks!
  2. that's very odd. maybe she saw you questioning the authenticity and cancelled the bids but gave a bogus reason? i have never heard of that happening so i just don't know! in any case i would never buy from her!
  3. Hello,
    I was going to bid on that same handbag!
    Anyway, did you send an email to the seller asking what happened? I'd be curious as to her response.

    If you don't receive a response, you might want to report her to eBay.
  4. Thanks for the responses... I emailed her to ask why our first three bids were canceled...

    And, this is the wierd thing... someone asked about the authenticity in the Bbag section, but it wasn't me... They asked for additional pictures, etc. And all of those were posted there. I never chimed in, just watched the thread silently, because I didn't want a bidding war to ensue.... Also, my ID here and ID on eBay are totally different... so other than if someone looked through handbag items I had sold recently and saw where I say, "I am this member on tPF", there really wouldn't be any indication that I was a member, etc - So I am not really sure if that is a factor?

    It's wierd... I have never had this happen.
  5. Hmm, that sounds weird.....but speaking from a seller's perspective, doesn't eBay allow sellers the right to cancel any bids at the seller's discretion? I've canceled bids before when I realized that the bidder is someone I do not want to deal with and subsequently put that person on the blocked bidders list.

    The reason the seller provided -- as item "no longer available" is quite random though.
  6. Yes, I agree as mainly a seller on eBay - that I think sellers can cancel bids at random, or for reasons that they see as a problem...

    I probably wouldn't post anything if it would have just been me (however I would still have been confused, since I consider my buying history to be pretty good... And it has never happened to me), but it just wierd that they go rid of ALL of the first set of buyers... I don't see the reasoning there...
  7. yes, you can cancel bids whenever for whatever reason. but why would she?
  8. I just recieved a reply that said she was trying to cancel the auction all together, but then people kept bidding... And that the item is no longer for sale due to personal issues...

    I don't know... I am not going to worry about it anymore and just turn my attention to items with less drama... (And will be very skeptical if it gets relisted, but won't be bidding again...)
  9. Weird I wonder did she go ahead with the sale, sounds very suspicious to me.
  10. I was watching a limited edition bag a my poupette seller listed several times and kept doing the same thing.
    It got so frustrating!!
    I figured this seller wasn't worth dealing with and I decided to forget about the bag I'd been lusting for.