Will somebody dress me?

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  1. For a 6:00PM wedding on a sunday in May (Florida hotel) I am a size 6 but I totally prefer pants and I want to make a splash at this one! Thx for any ideas!!!!
  2. you could have some great black slacks and then a really gorgeous perhaps embellished top right? I have see some gorgeous tops from Plenty/Tracy Reese; Nanette Lapore, C Malandrino, endless choices! Check out BG, NM, Nordstrom,and Saks. Then a really pretty clutch and a strappy heel. Oh oh I also think a tuxedo shirt w/ sexy fitted vest would be prime!! Check out Shopbop.com.
  3. I don't know what to suggest. I have been staring at the screen blankly. Why don't you TRY a dress? The top better be pretty formal looking,no? A gorgeous Armani suit is all I can think of.:wacko:
  4. tuxedo idea, very hot!!! I already have the clutch and shoes (Cole Hahn with studded heels, gorgeous!) Thx!!!
  5. okay...just an idea....May in Florida is GORGEOUS...you are a SIZE 6!!! Please think about a dress!!! There are sooooo many stunning ones out there! Do something outside the box (so to speak! ) I bet you would look STUNNING!
  6. E.g. from shopbop. w/ dressier pants of course!
  7. Howa about some plazztso (sp?) pants and a nice sequined form fitting vest like top, strappy sandles and a beautiful hand held clutch. some big chunky bracelets and some dangley earings.
  8. :love: :love: :love:
  9. Suzy...maybe if you give us a budget to work with, we could also post you some pics. as suggestions (similar to the thread on Swedie's wedding dress stuff):idea:
  10. How about a sexy corset top with thick straps and a beautiful shawl to cover it up?
  11. You have good taste.
  12. Didn't think of that - I have a ton of jewelry, shoes and bags (of course) although I would get new shoes if they made the outfit - I don't want to spend more than 3 hundred on basic costume - and that is totally top of the line - I'm really grateful for all ideas!
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