Will Smith wins 'Hitler' damages

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    Actor Will Smith has received an apology and damages from a news agency after it falsely accused him of saying Adolf Hitler was "a good person". World Entertainment News Network (WENN) published the article, titled "Smith: Hitler Was A Good Person", in December.
    His solicitor, Rachel Atkins, told London's High Court the article was "deeply distressing" to Smith and had caused him "acute embarrassment".
    WENN's solicitor apologised for the "misleading allegations".

    The allegation is false and without any foundation
    Rachel Atkins
    Will Smith's solicitor
    Ms Atkins said the star, who was not in court, was "a highly-respected actor of international repute and a man of complete integrity".
    She said the I Am Legend star believed Hitler to be "a vile and heinous man".
    "The article alleged that the claimant had declared in an interview that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was a good person," she said.
    "The allegation is false and without any foundation.
    "It wholly misrepresents the claimant's actual words, given in an interview to the Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper and website."
    Legal costs
    Ms Atkins said the article had been picked up by the world's media and said "the libel remains at large".
    "Whilst the defendant retracted the article and circulated a correction and apology to the recipients of the original article, the correction and apology has not received any media attention," she said.

    The defendant accepts that the allegations concerning the claimant were misleading and published in error
    John Melville-Smith
    Solicitor for WENN
    The London-based news agency agreed to pay undisclosed damages as well as Mr Smith's legal costs.
    Ms Atkins said that, because of this and the public apology, Mr Smith considered that "his reputation has been entirely vindicated" and therefore "would not proceed any further in his action".
    John Melville-Smith, for WENN, said: "Through me the defendant offers its apologies to the claimant for any distress and embarrassment caused by this article.
    "The defendant accepts that the allegations concerning the claimant were misleading and published in error."

    Story from BBC NEWS:
  2. GOOD FOR HIM!!!
  3. I hope he donates those damages to some sort of Holocause memorial fund.
  4. ^^Holocaust? Accidental E. haha :p

    I'm glad he won this i knew it was blown out of proportion and completely misunderstood!
  5. Glad to hear that!

  6. Oops! Yeah, I meant Holocaust.

    It should have read, "I hope he donates the damages to some sort of Holocaust remembrance fund."

  7. TMZ is reporting he is donating to a charity.

    Will Smith does not -- repeat, does not -- think Hitler was anything but a despicable murderer, and today a London court awarded him damages because a news service falsely alleged that he had called Hitler "a good person."

    Smith won a public apology and damages in London's High Court today from World Entertainment News Network (WENN). Will's lawyer, according to the AP, told the court that the story that WENN spread was "deeply distressing" and caused Smith "acute embarrassment."

    WENN'S lawyer apologized in court and agreed to pay an unspecified amount to Smith, who will donate the money to charity. Smith was not in court.
  8. Good for him! Glad he got this straightened out, it could have ruined his career!
  9. Good. That was a terrible thing for World Entertainment News Network to say - to ruin someone just to make a buck, how terrible.

    Although I wtill think the "reprogramming" comment was weird.
  10. This is great to read. That entire situation was just stupid.
  11. Good to hear. That's such a ugly thing to acuse someone of, especially just to get a (fake) news story. :/
  12. Great for him!!
  13. Too cool. I'm glad he didn't take this lying down.
  14. phew! good to know.
  15. glad its finally over thats for sure!