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Will Smith:My Daughter Wants to be Paris Hilton


Thank You God <3
Aug 27, 2006
Will Smith: My Daughter Wants to Be Paris Hilton

By Brian Orloff and Lauren Lazaruk

Photo by: Jason Merritt / FilmMagic

Will Smith has already made a star out of one of his children &#8211; son Jaden, 9, who costarred in 2006's The Pursuit of Happyness. Now, the acting bug has bitten again in the family.

Smith's daughter Willow, 7, makes her onscreen debut in his sci-fi thriller I Am Legend, due in theaters Dec. 14.

"She has a drive," Smith tells PEOPLE. "She has an energy and she just connects to human emotion. I think a big part was probably [seeing] Jaden after The Pursuit of Happyness. She saw what Jaden did, and she was like, 'I want that.'"

Still, there shouldn't be too much tension between the young Smiths. Smith says they have different styles &#8211; and goals.

"Jaden is [like] Johnny Depp," Smith says. "He just wants to do good work . . . He loves acting, he just wants to make good movies.

"And Willow is Paris Hilton," Smith says, laughing. "Willow wants to be on TV."

Smith says his daughter's strong personality contributes to her impressive work ethic. "You don't work with Willow," Smith says, teasing. "You work for Willow."

In one grueling outdoor sequence for I Am Legend, temperatures dropped well below zero, Smith says &#8211; but that didn't stop his daughter from finishing her scenes.

"Willow was out there and she has her stuff on and she's cold and she's getting a little irritable. And she looks at me and says, "Daddy, I don't care how low it goes. I'm going to finish.'

Continues Smith: "I was like, 'Wow, that's good baby, because Daddy's leaving if it goes any lower then that 1."

Another reason for the strong sense of professionalism: Will and Jada Smith make their children audition for their films. But when they told Willow she nabbed the role in I Am Legend, Smith says she turned to her brother, already a screen veteran, stuck out her tongue and teasingly taunted him.



Ma to the d@mn D-E-A
Jan 27, 2007
haha thats funny. Its so true! Paris does just want to be on TV!! Lets just hope little Willow has some sort of talent! I imagine she does, after seeing Jaden in The Pursuit of Happyness, hes an amazing little actor.

kiss n tell

Sep 25, 2006
We better like this family cuz there going to be around for ages, LOL. My neighber took my 2 year old for a walk not so long ago and Will stoped to tell my little one how beautiful she was. Wish I was there, I would have asked him to cast her, just kidding, not pimping my girl out, but I would have like to meet him, he seems so charasmatic. We did see Marcia Cross and her little so cute baby the other day!