Will Shining Monkey hurt my multicolore agenda?

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  1. I want to spray Shining Monkey on my new MC agenda as it is trimmed with vachetta and the inside is all vachetta. I read somewhere in the TPF that MC fades (is this true???). If I spray it onto the trim and it gets on the canvas, will it somehow dissolve the coloring or hurt it somehow? :sad:
  2. excuse my ignorance but what exactly is shining monkey? ive never heard of it before
  3. It's a leather protector typically used for car seats that many ladies on the forum use to protect their vachetta (the leather used to make the handles, trim, and zipper pulls on most monogram bags) from stains!
  4. do a general search in all forums for shining monkey
  5. I sprayed SM on my Azur pochette and Cerises Pochette.. they seem fine to me. I think its harmless on the canvas.. but that's my opinion. Good luck!
  6. Here it is


    a pfer had a very bad skin reaction to it, so if you have a sensitive skin it' better to avoid it.
  7. ^^^^^ that's me!!!!

    my skin broke out pretty bad and i don't even have sensitive skin! it lasted for days until i wiped all my bags off good with baby wipe.... i personally wouldn't recommend it!
  8. My question is not geared about hurting the vachetta as my purpose of spraying the SM is to protect the leather. My question is whether it will hurt the multicolore canvas as I had heard the canvas can be delicate and eventually rub off?
  9. I don't htink the Multicolore agendas require any spraying/protection. If you're worried about the leather inside, it will NOT get dirty easily cuz it's coated and as for the outside canvas, there's no need cuz it doesn't get dirty at all.

  10. So the leather inside is treated leather and not vachetta? And I read on TPF about the multicolore print eventually fading/rubbing off. Have you found it to be so on your MC agenda since it is handled often? I was thinking about spraying workable spray fixative on it, which is a spray artists use to prevent artwork from further smudging, etc.
  11. i think it will be fine if you spray it...
  12. i sprayed Shining Monkey on my Multicolore Trouville, Shirley and Wapity -- all of which are white -- and nothing rubbed or faded off. just wipe off whatever that gets on the canvas as soon as you're done spraying and it'll be fine