Will she like it? And my coach haul tonight...

  1. I went to the Albany Coach store since I couldn't find a wristlet for my friend that I liked at the store I work at. After shopping for a half hour or so I came out with the LEGACY SIGNATURE WRISTLET in Black/Khaki/Brass (40721) and the SIGNATURE EMBOSSED BELT in Tobacco (90057). The belt is a present to myself for making it through Black Weekend at both Borders and Coach... It's so sturdy and beautiful. But the wristlet is for my best friend. Do any of your girls have that wristlet or any flap wristlet? Will her stuff fall out at all if she stuffs it full? I wanted to get a zippered one but I didn't like them as much. I'm loving the legacy lining.

    PS- I included pics 'cause I know how all your girls (and fellas) love them...

  2. OMG I love that belt. It's gorgeous! And I love the lining in the wristlet. What a great friend you are. If you don't mind my asking, how much was that belt?
  3. FAB belt & any girl would love the wristlet! I'm in love with the legacy lining.
  4. The belt retails for $98. It's gonna last a lifetime though! I want a WHOLE bag made of tobacco embossed leather!
  5. you are a great friend :yes: I love that wristlet and that belt is tdf.. I have never seen it before... must have!!! :drool:
  6. I have last year's incarnation of that wristlet, and while some loose change might fall out, nothing else will.
  7. What a sweet friend you are! I am sure she will love the wristlet, who wouldn't? And that belt is beautiful! It's on my wish list now, lol!
  8. Love the belt, I'm buying it as a gift with the tobacco embossed leather photobook. Wristlet is awesome too, very versitile!!! How is the store at Crossgates? I've never been.
  9. Love the belt. Congrats!
  10. That is one GORGEOUS wristlet! I LOVE the lining. And that belt is TDF as well. You are an amazing friend, I am sure she'll love it!
  11. The Crossgates store is small but cute. I was also looking for the Signature Stripe Magazine tote, but alas it was not to be found...
  12. Very cute.
  13. Oh I love that belt! And I adore the lining of that wrislet and the turn lock closure.
  14. The belt is hot! It has a rich look. Congrats
  15. [​IMG]
    this wallet will match your belt 74078 $148