Will SAs from Chanel store know the purse's authenticity when you send it for repair?

  1. Lmao good thing I left my auth card at home in its box. But she also did say to bring it if I'm traveling, which sounds like a good thing in case of anything that happens. But for future references, I'll know not to leave it in the bag. :smile:
  3. Ciaciasg, how long have you been waiting for your repairs? Did you send more than one bag to refurbish at the same time? Thanks!:smile:
  4. Mine was only the case of thread snapped...all within 2weeks. *cheers*
  5. I sent it directly to the Chanel boutique in NYC.
  6. sukiyaki and Ciaciasg, are there any news on the status of your bags?
    I just sent one bag to clean at Chanel and I wonder how long it will take until I see it again. :thinking:
  7. Still nothing, its been 14 weeks, I want my bag back!!!
  8. You may want to speak with the store manager to get a firm pick up date, 14 wk is a long wait. Can they trace the bag and let you know where it is? :nogood:
  9. I was wondering if anybody got their bags back from the Chanel SPA, it is such a long wait! :sleepy:
  10. Still waiting for mine. More than 2 weeks of waiting already :sad:
  11. I'm still waiting too :sad: since end of June.
  12. Let's hope the bags will come beautifully restored to compensate for such a long wait. :smile:
  13. fingers crossed! :tumbleweed:
  14. I'm sorry you had to share such a horrible story. Do keep on trying to TALK with a Pay Pal representative, someone who deals with counterfeit items and maybe you can get some resolution even though time has lapsed. Also, be certain to report this seller and all known eBay User ID's to eBay as a seller of counterfeit items. Again, talk to an ebay person don't just email. All the best.
  15. Hi ladies!

    Just to give you all an update. The SA from Chanel boutique called me and let me know that my purse is ready to be shipped and shes all cleaned. They will probably ship it tom and finally i will know the ultimate question if its.authentic. It took them almost 4 weeks which is not bad. I will do a reveal once.i receive it hopefully this weekend. I cant wait to see her! :smile: