Will Sang still be in production come April?

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  1. Looking to get a regular city but can't purchase until April. I love this red! :yahoo:.
  2. Sang will not be in production in April, but you may be able to get it from a retailer or second hand by then. Colors are only produced once during the season.
  3. When does the season "end"? :smile:
  4. It already came out, so it has ended. It was part of the F/W season. The new bags will come out the end of Feb and will be the S/S season.
  5. It might still be on Balenciaga.com in April, they still have some colors from last season and are slower to update than department stores
  6. Sang is spring/summer 2010, not F/W 2009. So it should still be around come April.
  7. Gone off the website.. I really hope it's still around in April as that will be the earliest I can get it.
  8. take heart surfbunny, you can always try aloha rag or hgbags or any other official retailers as their stock may not sell out so fast :smile: u should be able to get a sang in april!
  9. Yes it's a color from the new season Spring-Summer 2010, so you should totally be abe to get one in april ! We're in february and it's the end of the F/W 2009 season:biggrin:
  10. Thanks for giving me hope ladies! I really hope I can still get it.

    Not to sound like a snob, but for the price, I would really rather just buy brand new. And also to avoid the hassle of misrepresented items.. etc. There are too many horror stories on the eBay forum!
  11. Do they produce more bags even after the first batch come out?
  12. Dear Surf Bunny,

    I live in Cyprus and none of the Spring colours have even arrived at the Balenciaga boutique. If they get anything in Sang I will let you know. I noticed that we get some bags at the end of Feb (I remember framboise,mandarin and praline) and then in May we got officier,maldives etc. Then at the end of September we got Raisin and Palm Green and then in November the rest. So we are definately behind the US.

    forever broke
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