Will Roxbury Drive ever lose its shape?

  1. im thinking of getting the roxbury drive. i briefly held it at the store and didnt get a chance to look at inside and its structure. thanks for your help!
  2. i guess you just have to be careful not to flatten it when you store it or carry it. to be honest, this is my one and only concern about this bag. i am careful not to "squish"it under my arm when i carry it on my shoulder.
    my SA put one on hold for me (before i bought it obviously). when i went to look at it, it was dented (apparently they stored it lying on its side and someone put another bag on top of it). i had to wait until they had one that was in perfect condition before i bought it. my advice is just store it properly- make sure it stays upright and that no hard objects dent it.
  3. I have three of them and they are very structured so I can't imagine it losing its shape. Unless a heavy object it kept on top of it for a long time, it should be fine.
  4. No its rather stiff.
  5. I own a Roxy too and I think it's a very stiff bag. I don't put too much stuff in it, I never put it on the floor, I don't squish it under my arms. My Roxy is very structured and looks like new!
  6. It's much too stiff to just flatten out over time. I wouldn't think you'd put a bag of bricks on it or anything and that's really the only way I can see that it might lose it's shape. ;) :lol:
  7. The 'Roxy' I was going to purchase also had a dent/crease on it. Good thing, I thoroughly inspected it. So I ended up getting a display model w/o the dent.

    Currently, I stored it with air bubble wrap to keep it's shape when being unused.
  8. wow.. bag*snob, u got 3 roxbury?? in what color?? i am so envy here. :smile:
  9. meeeks, what color u planning to get??
  10. i want to get pomme, just trying to decide if i should or not. otherwise id get a pomme lexington. i really wish they came out with a pomme sunset, that would look so pretty!