Will RM Manitee be too big for me?

  1. I'm interested in buying RM Matinee or Morning After but I wonder if they will be too big for me? I have never seen the bags in person but saw them on websites. I'm 5'1" and only 88 lbs. I also would like to know if the bags are heavy? Thank you ;)
  2. It depends on how big of a bag you are used to carrying. Some tiny girls love big bags. If you go to www.rebeccaminkoff.com under the Girls tab there are pictures of celebrities with the bags. Some of those girls are tiny! Hayden P. in particular. Also the celebrities thread above has pictures. You may want to consider the Morning after mini. Same great shape as the MA, just smaller. I'm 5'4 and 115 and the mini is the perfect size for me. I personally don't like huge bags, tho.
  3. Thank you Soccer Mom, I think I should get Morning after mini too after I saw pictures as I think it will be surely not too big for me. :tup: