Will purple woven campana on sale?

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  1. i'm looking for a purple bag and find this is the perfect one. i tried today and simply love it. :yes: however, since BV is on sale soon, i don't wanna buy this bag in coming few days and know it'll be on sale, say weeks after. any idea if this one will be on sale?? thanks
  2. Billbill, out of curiosity.. what color purple was this Campana and what store did you try it at?
  3. I've never seen a purple Campana, but this would be considered a "fashion color" and the fashion colors do tend to go on sale.
  4. I am very very sure the Purple colour ones will go on sale but I've yet to see a Campana in Purple. In the Singapore store, they only have Campana in the 3 classic colours - Noir (black), Ebano (dk brown) and Noce (milky brown).
  5. hi ladies. sorry i've confused with the names (i only got a veneta). :confused1:..
    i spent a visit in the shop again and that's a purple ball bag. hope it'll go on sale.. is ball bag a classic item or new this year?
    thanks :P
  6. FYI, I saw it in Hong Kong. ;)
  7. The salesperson will know what will be marked down. The pre-sale begins tomorrow.
  8. The Ball Bag is one of the classic styles that is made every year. I haven't seen it in purple, but we don't see the entire collection in any store. Purple would be a seasonal/fashion color, so as Marly said, it could go on sale. I've never seen a purple Campana either.