Will purple last?

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  1. I think trendy bags like patched and multicolor bags, girrafe bags can go out. But colors never do. Yes purple was hotter in the fall, but if worn well its perfect for any season. The only style rule I follow is to avoid light colored pants in winter and denim in the summer unless they are capris or shorts:smile: Thats my own rule though:smile:
  2. I love purple as well...and red...and hot pink...and orange (which I am THRILLED is going to be big this spring/summer!!! But then again, I have been wearing screaming orange for years).

    My only style rule is to wear what I feel good in & what flatters my shape. I figure that if I am confident and believe in my own "look," then I will in fact look hot. I have always believed this.
  3. Definitly agree that colours in themselves are not going anywhere. In the new season there is a huge trend for very bright colours, if you don't want to wear them as such, a bag is a perfect solution.
  4. I sure hope purple doesn't go out of style. I purchased a purple suede crossbody bag from Tignanello last week. When I saw it online I thought it was so cute and the color was what made me want it more. I don't plan on wearing it all the time, more of when I need it. But I'm with a lot of people in that if you really like something and you feel good wearing it I say who cares whether it's in or not. Someone mention how metallics were in a year or so ago and they still seem to be in, I think patent was hot a few years ago and yet that is still going strong too(in fact there is a patent tote selling on HSN as I type).

    So I say wear purple and love it. I think purple is such a pretty color. My only dilemma is that my bag is still in shipping. :crybaby:
  5. Purples and Raisins are forever!!! I'm with Irishlass, step to the beat of your own drummer!