Will purple last?

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  1. Now that winter is somewhat over, or at least spring collections are coming out, will the craze over purple die down? Will our purple bags seem outdated and be relegated to the back of the closet?
  2. For handbags, I don't think that any specific color will ever be "out" since carrying colorful bags to add pops of colors to basic outfits is always interesting. And I don't trust predictions that any color or texture of bag will ever go "out" anymore. Even metallics have been popular for 4-5 years straight so far and that was considered a one season fad when they came back "in". I never worry about handbag trends anymore. I just buy what I like and carry things when they go with my outfit.
  3. well, of course the shade and material makes a difference...a dark purple suede will forever be Fall to me....but a light shiny lavender...or even a patent purple can handle so many seasons!

    remember that the concept of "outdated" bags is only in our minds....we "age" them...nobody else around us does this.
  4. ITA. :goodpost:
  5. I'm still wearing mine. I don't have any bags that I can't use year round. If I love it I use it!
  6. If you love purple, go for it. agree with what people say about bag trends. it's ok to think about, but in the end most things fit under trends anyway.
  7. I love purple bags! I carry them whatever season it is
  8. I don't think that there is such a thing as "trend" anymore. You can wear basically whatever you want, everything goes under one trend or another.
    For example,
    are high waisted jeans "in" or already "out"?
    is yellow "last season" or "in"?
    and so on..
    I will certainly wear my purple coat, no way that I would stop wearing it just because it is not "in"
  9. I love my purple bags and coat and will continue to wear them whenever I please! I agree with the other posters that colors aren't really "in" or "out."
  10. Purple is my fav color so to me it will never go out. Some bags do go out of style, like hopefully that giraffe print soon, but colors not so much. In fact I've been watching a purple leather handbag on e-bay that I saw in the store a month ago and missed out getting, I'm going to get it this time no matter what and wear it with pride. =)
  11. Purple is my favorite color, so for me, the hot purple fall was all about finding gorgeous purple bags to carry forever. Found a satchel and a clutch and love both! Very happy purple girl!
  12. I've never let anyone dictate my style. I LOVE purple and it will always have a place in my wardrobe.

    The way I see it, the ones who say what's "in" or "out" are the same people who told us paisleyed, bell-bottomed, polyester hip-huggers and shoulder pads were "in." I'm going to listen to them? LOL! Not a chance.

    Wear what you like and what suits your body type and you will always look "stylish."

    Heck, you might even set your own trends!
  13. We have practically one season in Singapore. Summer. To me, no colour is in style or out of fashion - phew. So any colour works, frankly.

  14. Oh no!
    Shoulder pads are out?!
    Polyester hip huggers too?!

    Time to stop shopping for purses and get some new clothes :smile:

    Let's hope purple doesn't go "out".
    I don't even think it's come "in" yet here in the midwest.

    It's one of my favorite colors.
    I'll still be wearing it a year from now (maybe it's time to retire my paisley bell bottoms though).
  15. purple is my favorite color as well, but to be honest, and this will go against pretty much all previous posters.

    but as of this season, it is "out".

    that is not to say, that it's OUT FOREVER, but it just wont be the focal point of this up coming season or the next. Purple WILL make a comeback, as all colors do, because really, there are only so many colors to choose from. Purple was the hot color in fall back in 2005, and resurfaced in 2008. So yeah, it had a little downtime, but it comes back.

    Spring/Summer 09 is pink, with a focus on pastels. unlike Spring 2008, which was very bold and bright.

    but regardless, i think majority of America doesn't follow trends, because most of America doesn't care enough or want to. Keeping up with the trends takes money and time, which in this economy, isn't something that everyone has a lot of.

    I say wear whatever your eye is drawn to, regardless of a magazine tells you that it's in or out. You could appear on Glamour Magzine's DONT list 123098103928 times, but as long as YOU feel comfortable in your clothes, what does it matter what others think?