Will Poppy make it to the outlet?

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  1. If it does, when do you think it will get to the outlet? I think that is the only way I will ever break down and buy any of it.
  2. Every 4-6 weeks Coach has a floorset. So things leave the "full price stores" every 4-6 weeks. If you keep up on current styles you can usually tell which ones are going to the outlet.
  3. It will and then I'll be a little disappointed when I see my FP purchases at the discount there....oh well.
  4. I agree...it's the only way I will buy a poppy. although I've been back and forth on my thoughts on the poppy line...it would have to be deeply discounted for me to break down and buy any of the bags...the little stuff like the wristlets and stuff are no big deal but the bags...yea
  5. Per my fav. SA, they were told Poppy would NOT make the outlets. What is not sold out will be moved around and "redistributed" so to speak. Some bags have even already sold out. However, is this sounding familiar? Yeah I think so. So whether it will actually happen is up for debate :P
  6. According to My SA any of the items that do not get sold when it is time to change the floorset will be archived. They are creating and releasing less stock for this propose of not having so much overage.. Coach is also creating Lines just for the Oultets such as the gorgeous Legacy Tote the Johnniegirl got...
  7. :confused1: i got my one and only poppy piece (a black patent spotlight) at the outlet
  8. Well stuff can be returned to the outlet even if purchased at FP.;)
  9. I sure of it
  10. Nice score, johnniegirlatl! I had to comment though, that it seems Coach inconsistency has struck again! I had returned a rosegold Ali purchased at the boutique several weeks ago at an outlet and the outlet manager immediately took it to the back of the store as the SA explained that these need to go back since they are still being sold at full price stores and they cannot let outlet customers buy them (presumably at outlet price). I'd think Poppy items belong in the same category!
  11. Yeah, it's strange... my SA said Poppy would never go to the Outlet, but we've all heard that before........
  12. That's true, the outlets can't prevent returns there by customers, but they could and in some aspects SHOULD send it back to FP stores if they don't want it sold at outlet discounted prices.
  13. It sounds like it's hard to predict. I guess it's a matter of how much you want it. If it's a bag you JUST GOTTA HAVE, then it's worth buying it FP and not risking it will never show up at the outlet or half-price at Macy's/Dillards. If you like it, but wouldn't be devastated to not have it, might as well wait.
  14. My guess is yes it will hit outlets,but who really knows? We have heard that song and dance before about archives etc too havent we?
  15. I have the black patent spotlight too. I am really loving it, but paid full price for it online. Do you love yours?