Will Pomme Vernis turn bad too? Any advice?

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  1. I thought I've already made up my mind on getting pomme pochette wallet but I've recently searched the forum to find that I have to be really careful with vernis. Does discoloration also happen to darker colors in vernis? Like Pomme? What else should I be watching out for? I read something about spots? Is there an explanation for these occurance?

    Having done a bit of research and seeing the monogram zippy wallet in real life, I love the golden brass zipper! I'm actually considering getting the mono zippy instead.... but I kinda want a pomme piece.... I heard they are discountinuing this color right? HELP! I'm confused...

    Here are pics, simply cuz I like threads with pics hehe


  2. I do not have any vernis pieces. I have heard that the darker colors do not discolor as much as the lighter colors. I do like the mono. I think it would be the most practical of the two. Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
  3. ermm... i do not think that there would be a big problem with discolouration onto the darker vernis items. I have a Framboise piece which is even lighter than the Pomme. No problems with that!
  4. I dont think you should have a problem with that color at all, the only thing I could see would be transference but since it is darker it wouldnt show up as much as on a perle or something. I have rouge, silver, blue, and indigo vernis pieces and the only ones that have turned colors are the silver and blue, granted those are the older pieces but they are also the lightest. No problems wtih the rest.
  5. Not heard of this discolouration...ask your SA next time you visit?