Will Pomme or Amarante vernis wallets stain handbags with light-coloured interior??

  1. I'm planning on buying another French Purse tomorrow, preferably in Amarante although my initial choice had been Pomme. I'd already gone to LV two weeks ago but an SA had totally talked me out of buying the Pomme FP, saying that it would have to be handled with utmost care and only use bags with a matching red interior.

    I mostly use my Manhattan GM now, but when I get my white Suhali Le Fab I wouldn't want any red/dark purple stains on the white lining. So back to my question: will the vernis stain or not? Any thoughts or input are highly appreciated as the tPF Search function is down at the moment, thanks in advance! :heart::heart:
  2. i have several dark-colored small vernis items (pomme ludlow, indigo key holder, amarante cles) and i've never had issues with the color transfering from it to the inside of my bags. i have mostly used them in my pomme/amarante bags which have dark-colored interior, but i've also used them just fine inside my MK and Coach bags which have light-colored interios.

    however i really dont think that color transferrng FROM the vernis is a big issue...i think u typically have to worry about color transferring TO the vernis. just because of the nature of the material it seems to attract dyes, which is why u have to be super-careful with the lighter colors (like perle) because it can and will pick up anything (color from jeans, sweaters, etc). I have heard many stories on here re: dark-colored pursekets or bags with dark-colored interiors staining small accessories (mainly vernis and white MC), but i haven't heard any stories re: vernis items transferring color to other things...

    oh and one reason that i think color transfer FROM vernis is not a big issue is because i keep all my vernis bags/accesories in their dustbags (which are light yellow) and i've never noticed any discolaration on the interior of any of the dustbags.
  3. I agree with Sweetneet, and I don't keep my vernis wallets inside their dustbags and have used them in all sorts of purses (including my gris Mahina.) You don't have to worry about color transferring FROM, more color transferring TO the vernis. I have pearl, framboise, pomme, and now violette. I'm extremely careful about how I use the pearl, but don't worry too much about the others and they're holding up just fine and have never discolored anything else.
  4. I've never had a problem
  5. Haven't had a problem yet - I have a pomme agenda and amarante key holder.
  6. I think you're fine with the darker colors......the transfer problem is with the light colors. I agree with the other gals....the problem is color transferring onto the vernis, not from the vernis.
  7. I agree, the problem is transferring onto the vernis. I have a marshmallow pochette and used it with my LV's that have the red alcantara lining and I did notice a bit of red marks on my pochette.
  8. Thank you to all of you who have replied and helped me out...:smile: It's such a relief knowing that colour transfer won't happen the other way round (ie. from vernis to handbag interiors).

    Well, I went to LV yesterday (right on my Birthday, what a treat!) and chose between the Pomme, Amarante and Violette French Purse. All three were gorgeous, but the new violette colour caught my eyes the most and it was an almost instant love affair! My SA cautioned me, as with any other vernis, to be extremely careful not to

    1) leave it inside the car on a hot summer day for a prolonged period of time
    2) let it stick to other leather goods (leather of any kind, even car seats)
    3) leave it rubbing against plastic items.

    Well, I hope I'll have many years to enjoy this beauty....I've posted pictures in the Vernis Violette Clubhouse section!
  9. Congratulations on your new Violette French Purse - I have one as well and it is gorgeous. I would also add.

    I don't drop receipts in my purse where the ink could transfer onto the wallet.

    So any magazines, or print items must be separated from my vernis items. Receipts go right inside my wallet. And if I'm carrying a magazine I use my purseket to separate it from my wallet.
  10. And I LOVE the picture with the lipstick. I can't believe you found one that matches so well:woohoo:
  11. Ah, I see....thank you Queenmab for the additional advice! Something I should definitely keep in mind as I run into the habit of stuffing receipts into my bag regardless of where my wallet is. That is exactly what had happened to my old FP in noisette years ago (2003). Ink print (as well as lipgloss) had transferred onto the vernis, highly unsightly! I promised myself never to buy vernis again but with the new colours it's so hard to say no...:drool:
  12. Thank you Queenmab! This colour is absolutely scrumptious...on lips as well as wallets, lol! :roflmfao:
  13. Now you've sent me looking for lipstick :push:

    And you shouldn't have to worry too much about ink transfer unless it's damp, but I don't like to take chances. How about a cles or a pochette to stuff your receipts in?
  14. Nope they shouldn't. To the contrary though, the light Vernis wallets can get stained in bags with the dark alcantra interiors. My mom's Peppermint Vernis PTI has some staining on the edges from a raspberry alcantra-lined bag.
  15. OMG, your french purse is TDF! such eye-candy, i could just eat it up!! :drool: and the matching lipstick is nice too! congrats on the purchase, and hope u had a happy birthday!!