Will pomegranate spy get too dirty?

  1. I have it--I love it--it *is* orange, but I can't describe how it just works somehow. Still...does anyone else have it, and what do you think? Will it be too hard to keep clean? (Trying to decide whether to keep/sell my cognac, my baby baulotto tribal; and whether to sell bunches of bags to buy the sequined Zucca!)

    Ahhh....such decisions we have in life. :/

    :::shallowly obsessing, as instructed!::::

  2. I don't have it, but I saw one today. It is pretty. It didn't seem like it would show too much dirt, like a lighter color.
  3. I've only seen it in photos, but it seems like a nice, medium orange that wouldn't show dirt like a peach-colored bag would. It's a striking color.
  4. That was kind of my thought, too--that it's more of a dark rather than a light bag...I guess any bag is going to get some wear, and at this price we wish they wouldn't! I have a honey spy which is beautiful, but it got one little grease spot on the bottom and I'm anguished!

    Anyway, about the pomegranate--I was afraid I wouldn't like it because I'm not an "orange bag" person, but I just love it! LOL--thanks for the excuse to keep it. :smile::okay: