Will outlets ship?

  1. If i want something in an outlet far away like AZ, can i have them shipped ot another outlet in the New Englands like CT? Or must the outlets be in the same state?

    And has anyone seen these bags in any outlet? DO you know what the cost would be around if i paid full price?
    9dce_1.jpg 112705_coach.jpg 0227_1.jpg
  2. Coach outlets from my personal experience will not ship at all.:sad: I don't understand why they will not do this. It would be wonderful if they did.
  3. My sister lives near (like 10 min. away) from the Coach Factory Outlet in Camarillo, CA (Camarillo Premium Outlets) and she had that local Coach Outlet look for a particular Coach purse she saw on eBay (as long as you have the Style#, etc). They were able to locate one from another Coach Outlet (somewhere in the Eastern states) and had that Coach Outlet ship it to the Camarillo Coach Outlet for my sister. She just had to pay for shipping (not sure how much that was) and also had to pay for the purse right then and there, at the time of order. They called her as soon as the bag was in for her to pick up. You may want to ask your local Coach Outlet if they'll do the same. As far as I know, the SA's at the Camarillo Coach Outlet are REALLY nice and they were always very helpful, etc. I live in Phoenix, AZ and as far as I know, there are no Coach Outlets here. Good luck with your search!
  4. Oh that's good advice!

    And just a question, but is anyone sure that the style number for this bag is 1895? Because the SA said no bag ever existed. =/
  5. According to the Drilldown, that # is correct for that bag style. The link below is the Drilldown for Coach items (just plug in the style # of the coach item you're looking up - insert the style # before the "_d1.jpg" and the correct picture of the bag with that style number will pop up). Some of the wonderful and knowledgeable pf gals hooked me up with this info.


    I'm pretty new in my Coach "addiction" so I'm learning as I go and the gals here are extremely helpful. I hope you find an SA who will be helpful to you in getting this purse! Good luck!:smile:
  6. ALthough most outlets dont ship, some of them do charge sends! I think the one in Clinton, CT does it!
  7. yes the one in ct does they ordered something for me and sent it to me...
  8. If I go into the outlet here in KW they will ship gifts for me all the time!
  9. the outlets will do charge-sends, the shipping is $10 for 2-day Fed-Ex. I know my outlet only charge-sends within our district, but i know we can send anywhere in conus if the customer is in the store. it would be silly if you couldn't have that done, it's certainly an extenuating circumstance...just go to your local factory store, have them call the factory store in question, and the worst they can say is no, right? just make sure they talk to the manager on duty in the store you want it shipped from.

    but to answer your question, yes, outlets do ship. :smile:
  10. the outlet here doesn't.... wierd but i am not very far from it...so it's ok with me..
  11. I bought 2 purse at the outlet just yesterday for my sisters, they told me they would ship them out for $10 each, but that you must come to the store to purchase them and then they will ship them out as gifts.
  12. Any updates in the shipping policy? I didn't want to start a new thread so I thought I would bump this one up.

    I want a bag from an outlet that is a 2 hour round trip drive. It would probably be cheaper to have them ship the item to me than to spend the time and gas money to get out there.
  13. Some outlets do and some don't - you have to call and ask. And there's even differences with the outlets that do ship. I had one in PA where I had to go to my local COACH store (outlet or boutique) and fill out a charge send form. Then yesterday I called the outlet in Miami and was told my one SA that I could ONLY send a charge send from an Outlet - a different SA called me back today and just took my info - said she'd send it out on Monday. So it varies my Store and by SA. Good luck! Stay at it - that's what I do. :tup:
  14. I paid $10 in shipping last month to have a bag sent to me.
  15. Thanks for the info! $10 is definitely worth it to save my time and my gas.