will outlet adjust for coupon on stuff bought yesterday?

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  1. So yesterday, hubby and i were looking around in the Myrtle Beach Outlet on 501. Hubby surprised me by picking out a FB delete Large Black Op Art Sabrina and matching wallet for V-day (YEA!!!). Total was $408 w/tax. Well, this a.m. i got the email w/ the coupon for 20% starting today. My question is, do you all think, if i ask reaaaaally nicely, that they'll let me do a return/rebuy w/ coupon for credit?:biggrin: (There was a Zoe I was eyeing that I would love to buy if i could get the credit).
  2. I was there a few months ago and got shot down. Asked to speak to the manager and got shot down again. But it does not hurt to ask. I would try ! (again)!
  3. Thanks coachbabies. I think i'll drive up there tomorrow after work.
  4. Their policy is Price Adjustments can be done within 14 days of original purchase. This policy is now posted at the registers at every outlet I've been to. So, definitely ask, and if they tell you no, go back another day and talk to someone else. Good luck! :biggrin:
  5. Should be no problem. I bought mine in Ontario Mills, they have no problem at all as long as the purchase is within two weeks. The cashier even said, "a few dollar cheaper is also money". I like her!

    Before that, I actually went to Camarillo, so I thought I would get my price adjustment there. But their policy is they must still have the same item in the store. I don't really like Camarillo. They seem to be more strict on returning and price adjustment. There was one lady bought her bag the day before, and wanted to return without the receipt, they rejected her. The lady was very angry since she never had this problem before with other outlets.

    Good luck. Best, call them before you go if it is quite a distance from your house.
  6. The reason that some of you were not able to do the "Price Adjustment" is because the coupon says "not valid on prior purchases" and technically, the outlets may enforce this rule, as it is right there in writing. My outlet is strict about this too. I actually had to return my previous purchases, then find the exact items I bought a couple of days before (one wasn't there, so no luck re-buying for cheaper), and buy them to get the savings with the coupon.

    A true Price Adjustment occurs when the price actually goes down within 14 days (i.e. when the original Zoes went from $259 to $229), not when a coupon is released within 14 days of your purchase. This is sooo different from the coupon - you can just bring in your receipt (I bring my bag in too, just in case), and they just adjust the price for you.

    Then again, some outlets are more lenient because they want to boost customer loyalty. You never know!
  7. If your exact items are still on display, I'd just rebuy and then return the originals.
    If you don't have to ask them to do it (since it IS a courtsey, as explained above) then don't!
  8. I've done that before... DH bought me a purse and then I found out there was a coupon a day later (but it was going on during the original purchase) so I just re-bought and returned the other stuff... and I also got a wallet with the 20% I saved. :yahoo:
  9. That is the only way my outlet will do any sort of price adjustment with the 20% coupons. The same item has to be on the sales floor, then you can return and rebuy. Even if its in the back stockroom, they wont take it out and let you do it.
  10. Thanks ladies. I didn't get up there today, but i'm hoping to tomorrow. After reading the posts, i think i'll just try to find the items and rebuy and then return.
  11. Well, it can't hurt to call before you go, then if they say no, you can just call back in a few minutes and have them put the stuff you want to rebuy on hold until you get there.