will NYC LV wavier tax if shipped out of state?

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  1. i was wondering if i buy LV from the store in nyc will they charge me tax if i have it shipped? i've only bought LV from the boutique in nj and obviously have 7% tax. but i know Saks/bg/etc don't charge tax if i buy whatever and have it shipped home to nj.

    will the LV store do this too? tia. i want to figure out if i should really bother buying a LV bag for my mom's birthday now or just wait til later.

    the $50 increase or whatever isn't a big deal. lol just the tax!!
  2. I understand that if you have something shipped to a state that does NOT have that store, i.e. LV in THAT state, then you are not charged sales tax. That is why there are no taxes when you order from Elux, unless you live in the state of California, where they are based. So, if you do not have LV in your state, then you should not be charged sales tax.
  3. You should be charged the appropriate sales tax amount for your state if your state has a store there. So, the short answer is, you should be charged NJ tax for a LV item bought out-of-state because LV has boutiques in NJ.
  4. this is correct. if your state has an LV store, NYC will adjust the sales tax to your state's specifications. i don't know if delaware has a store, but i know so many people around here go christmas shopping there because i don't believe there's any sales tax.

    if you have a friend or a family member living in a state like that i'd see about having it shipped to them (if LV will even ship to someone whose name is not on the credit card paying for it) and then they can send it to you :smile: voila, saved tax.
  5. i just saw you are from jersey. yes they will charge you 7% sales tax versus the NYC 8.25% (has it gone up since) NYC tax.
  6. buy from saks and have it shipped and you won't have to pay tax
  7. Any recommended SA who will do emailing in Saks?
  8. Saks NYC, ask for Kelly Ricks. She is great on the phone and via email. She is patient and great to work with.

    Call Saks NY and ask for LV then when you get transferred to LV, ask for Kelly, tell her Sabrina from Australia sent you. She is working tomorrow (Tue, 19 Aug) from 12 noon.

    That's right, she even ships to Australia, where I am.
  9. what 's her email address?
  10. I will PM you...
  11. thx, got your pm.