Will notte be offered for fall 2007

  1. I'm wondering if anyone knows if lesportsac will offer notte for fall 2007? So far it hasn't been offered on their site but maybe it is still coming.

    I would like a campeggio with tutti lining.
  2. oops. nm. read the post wrong
  3. I don't know. They may still have it available, but probably with Citta Lining.
  4. doesn't look like it since the pages with fall 2007 only have tutti & trasporto on them.

    i don't think they would make one with tutti lining. they don't do that for all of the prints..
  5. I was wondering since they offered the notte on that one european site with the Tokis, "Luisvarioma"... or something like that.

    I definitely don't want citta again.
  6. It would be nifty if they put Tutti on the inside of it but I don't see it happening since this is basically it for tokidoki. I would think that if they did plan to do something like that then they wouldn't have cut so many styles out for the newer prints.
  7. maybe a new solid to release with vacanze? i hope sooo!!!!!
  8. I saw a couple Notte dolces and canguros with the adios star ques and looked inside to see Citta print still!

    So nope no Notte with Tutti!
  9. naw.... I don't think so. at least not at macys. I saw the swatches of the prints they are getting in for fall, the SA and SF showed me, and I don't think it showed them.. at least, not any new ones w/diff linings. So I think we are stuck with citta lining.... :rolleyes:
  10. Bummer. I really thought they were going to carry a solid but it is like someone else said they really cut down on the number of styles that are available for fall. I guess this may include the solid color as well.